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I’M 5% WHAT?! || My Heritage

I’M 5% WHAT?! || My Heritage


Hello friends!

In today’s video I discuss what my heritage is and where I am actually from. I thought this video would be interesting for you to learn a little bit more about me. Have an awesome day!


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24 thoughts on “I’M 5% WHAT?! || My Heritage

  1. Cool video!! Your eyes are amazing ? btw

  2. ooh, i sawit in your other video's. if you are really interested in your heritage, you can do An dna test at myheritage. I was actually searching for reviews on that test when i found your video. so maybe that would be interesting for you

  3. groetjes uit Nederland! where are you guys going to live in Holland?

  4. Congratulations!!!
    I see you fron Chile!

  5. There was a Jewish state called Khazaria so probably Turkish DNA came from Khazars.

  6. JJ Boogie says:

    Very cool story! My great grandparents came here through Ellis Island as well during the same time period. From Sicily and also from Poland. Same situation with the old languages and food too except with Italian heritage. 🙂

  7. My dad is half Dutch and the other half is Mexican and Spanish. My mom is a mix of German, Irish and Scottish.

    I have a question. We have a huge debate on how to say our last name, Batjes. I pronounce it as Bat-jes. But my aunts pronounce it as Bates. Please help. Lol.

  8. Interesting background, cool video, thanks for sharing

  9. Minka thank you for sharing the DNA results … it's an awesome video

  10. steve saff says:

    Wow. A great combination of cultures. Isn't it great to see how we all fit in this world! Which of all the cultures has had an influence on you?

  11. Yorkie Bar says:

    Cool!! Mine are Irish, Scots and Scandinavia! I'm from England born and bred but have no English!!!, All the best Mark ?

  12. Keen Rays says:

    If your dad is 6'5 then how tall are you?

  13. Ankit says:

    Waiting for your live stream <3

  14. hiya minka!!!! very cool video!

  15. Terri K says:

    ….and you forgot to mention the amazing Dutch food!!!

  16. That's a lot of different place and it's really that that you heritage is spread out so much

  17. Your ancestors had to be great people. You inherited only the best after them.

  18. steve saff says:

    I have 25% Dutch. Can I place an interesting request?

  19. Hi Minka interesting heritage. Im from Scotland & all my family are Scottish.

  20. You've a very interesting lineage??????. Truly global.
    My all ancestors were Indians.

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