1. Love your make up as always. ?

  2. Lmaoo!! Now you can say “Somebody touch my spaghet!!!”???

  3. Nancy Reds says:

    Try 24Genetics now please (https://ar.24genetics.es/), I really would like to compare results!

  4. Luis Torre says:

    un corazoncito té amo baby yo u are beautiful ???????????????????? RD BRrrrrr…….?????

  5. dominican is not an ethnicity but a nationality,for it to be an ethnicity you have to mix for 1000 years without any immigration comming in,just when you start looking the same you become an ethnic group. All Americas has no ethnic groups named after their country,because all of you are migrants,apart from natives.

  6. Natta TS says:

    Este video en Español plis♥️

  7. Me encantó tu video. Me puedes dar un ❤ soy de República Dominicana, La Vega

  8. Abraham says:

    watch out the afrocentrics will still say you are “black” because they follow the racist “one drop rule” created by white supremacists

  9. Buejjj cuando lo subes yo ando en el 5to. sueño so I know i aint early af but here we areeee! Missed you!
    Btw,your bird post got me peeing on myself hahahahaha
    'Dita risaaaa!
    Te amo :* thx for the love & support!

  10. ltecns says:

    You're adopted.

  11. Your so happy that youre not Latino….yoooo congrats !!!!

  12. Buen vídeo pero los subtítulos por favor

  13. Si pero tu no pareces dominicana, Ya te lo han dicho anteriormente, verdad? Los dominicanos son de afroascendencia en 80%, Son negros en su mayoría, y los otros que estan mezclados siguen siendo negros por que la raza negra es la que predomina en caso de una mezcla, la raza negra es la mas pura del mundo por ser la primera

  14. Una señal de que leíste esto?

  15. Soy dominicana klk .

  16. Air Bass says:

    Me enamora ella:)

  17. Era justo video nuevo

  18. Troy Klk says:


  19. OhhAspire says:

    I already knew you were gonna be hella European, all white Dominicans are European.

  20. Dice la leyenda que si llegas temprano das like y comentario la Hermosa yiseni te regala un corazon?

  21. Where are the Links of that Page to know my roots????

  22. robertihno says:

    I saw u at qcm ???

  23. ʀɑcktus says:

    Los dominicanos fuimos descubiertos por los europeos

  24. LU says:

    Saludos desde Mexico.??

  25. OMG Cookie is soooo cuteee and adorable! I want to meet her already she needs a playdate with Suzi! ??

  26. Hihihihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhii

  27. Ya extrañaba tus videos :((

  28. Please Pin my comment sister. (Do it I'm gay).❤❤❤❤❤??????

  29. Te amo baby you Are beautiful ??????????????????

  30. Dominican blooddddd❤❤ we sancochooo?

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