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Irish People Take A DNA Test

Irish People Take A DNA Test

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We got some of our contributors to take a DNA test to see where their ancestry comes from.

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24 thoughts on “Irish People Take A DNA Test

  1. Radrook says:

    She says she's part Latina as if Latino were a race. Is she BLIND?

  2. Radrook says:

    Human history seems to indicate that most humans are 40 percent Demon and 40 percent Devil and 20 percent Imp.

  3. LjFJDhs says:

    All of them can normally pass in Spain. Nobody will consider you foreign by your looks.

  4. UMN Mode says:

    This is one of the best heritage videos I've seen, and no one was at all offensive about ethnicity or race.
    Some videos are very offensive.

  5. How did Johnny get different results……

  6. Wellcome to scamland. And the multicultural race-mixing program.

  7. Unix San says:

    Yeah ofc there will be jew blood in everyone GOYIM. Totally not rigged

  8. Look up the Cheddar man of England they were the orginal inhabitant hunter gatherers in the UK and the fascinating thing is about the Cheddar man dna is he was black or dark skinned with blue eyes they moulded a face from a digital replication and he isn't of African looks at all and not of modern UK look either a think they traced his dna to the Basque people, a don't think there is a pure breed any race in humanity we're all mixed.

  9. A don't need a dna test on the Scottish side tracing origin of Two grandmothers maiden names one makes me Norman the other makes me Pictish my surname is Irish and my mother's maiden name English my great great gran of Ireland county meath maiden name Rice as in Bridget Rice and the Rice surname is Welsh, Scots come from ancient Basque, Groats dna due to the Roman legions and ancient Jewish.

  10. ken bishop says:

    interesting but Jewish HA. its a religion . Arabic yes . laugh my head off if they say Muslim again another religion not a race of people.

  11. This fad with DNA tests right now is troubling. Does the cake taste any different if you know the recipe?

    Its also amazing how being openly racist towards the English is OK, but any others are sacrosanct. Its a strange double standard.

  12. WOOW WOW says:

    Thats impossible that the Irish girl of Indian /Pakistani background has Ashkenazic Jewish background… what is that crap dna test?
    It would have been logical if she had Indian Jewish background ! Thats possible

  13. Bitch, all we need is 1%. You are Azerbaijani now. Congrat…ish ?

  14. salim D says:

    the Jews are the religion, not a race…most of the Jews now are Europeans,
    and they have nothing to do withe the Canaanites or the Middle East…
    .Funny who the Zionists are trying to convince people that the Jews have a race> lol

  15. I want to do one of those for my cat and see what happens.

  16. massmanute says:

    The ethnic ancestry estimates from these kind of tests are fun and interesting but need to be taken with a grain of salt. What they are really good at is linking you to relatives you didn't know you had. I have had very good success with that part of the tests, including linking me to a second cousin who lives half way around the world, and allowing me to contact dna relatives that are helping me to correct some of the erroneous information in my genealogy.

  17. "I'm probably gonna drink more"
    Hahaha hahaha

  18. Wow, very interesting! I also took my DNA test and it says I am the son of God, 100% :))

  19. I've recently read these DNA tests are bullocks! Lol

  20. LEXV. says:

    I knew that the guy has a small percent Italian


  22. DNA ancestry test is a bullshit. I've made it with three companies and I've got three different results. Plus I made paternal and maternal tests. I made more than one because I didn't believe that it's truly working. And it's not! There are so big differences not only the percentages but the ethnicities as well. I'd thought the science is reliable in spite I had doubts about it before. They try to make your ancestry based on your name, your country where you're currently living, your origin country, your relatives' names origins and their ethnicities. But not from your genes. All the genetic is a scam!

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