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Is MyHeritage a Good DNA Company?

Is MyHeritage a Good DNA Company?

MyHeritage is new to the DNA business, but should that keep you from testing with them? Let Andy Lee tell you his thoughts.

***IMPORTANT: After this video was filmed, MyHeritage had an update to their DNA suite, and some of the negatives mentioned in the video are now gone. I haven’t had a chance to evaluate their tools thoroughly but I will in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for an update video!***

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30 thoughts on “Is MyHeritage a Good DNA Company?

  1. You look like Jim Bob Duggar he could be a match

  2. Hi, do you know if MyHeritage uses autosomal, mitochondrial or y-dna testing? Thanks.

  3. MyHeritage is still in Beta mode, they will match you to relatives, so that is pretty much right on point, however the Regions they link you to is extremely skewed. They may get a few region percentages correct, but for the most part it is very skewed. It is a company created in and headquartered in Israel. They have a long way to go and shouldn't be charging anyone to take the test, however it is a living analysis so they can continue as is on that basis, again they are good at matching, and have bettered some of their reports. Anyone who has tested with MyHeritage know that there is an extremely high probability your results are wrong, I suggest testing with another company as soon as possible and upload your raw data to dna.land and GEDmatch.com. I have talked with them, very nice, organized company and in time they will probably be one of the better companies, but that time has not come yet. They have one of the cheaper kits, well you know what they say you get what you pay for, spend a bit more for something a little closer to accuracy, please note that none of any of the kits are 100% accurate, some are just better than others.

  4. My mum has 1,523 matches on My Heritage, however they are very distant. On ancestry it is about 120 and about 10 on family tree.

  5. Woaow.. this was very informative, thanks my friend and hugs from Spain, Europe

  6. Satanic Control System. How can you give your DNA Informations to another? Are you all crazy?

  7. Mo Martin2 says:

    They have a chromosome browser now in 2018

  8. L G says:

    Not a fan of My Heritage. They give Latinos more Native American Dna then they get from other Dna companies. My results were inconsistent. I found a relative on Ancestry on my grandfathers side, and I found out I had a great uncle named Gilbert Flores. My Heritage has him listed as my match, but they have him as my 3rd to 5th cousin with only 37.7 Centimorgans shared. I did my research and found that full great Uncles usually share around 850 Centimorgans. I'm not sure I trust how my matches were listed. I did ask Roberta Estes. She said they could have accidentally used the wrong chip in the database when testing for matches.

  9. I found Myheritage to be quite wrong. I have tried several testing sites and consistently i came up as a little over half eastern european, around 10-15% italian and the rest british and irish. However for Myheritage, i came up as over 70% british and irish, 25% eastern european and no Italian at all. P.s. I swear everyone who tests with this company is somehow either North african or Nigerian……..

  10. Leyla Said says:

    as an EAST AFRİCAN which one do you recommend me ??? i am cunfused.

  11. I have over 1000 matches!

  12. I uploaded my results yesterday and I have 2 matches lol

  13. Judy Carey says:

    Thanks for the info.

  14. I just ordered my heritage kit last Friday and is on the way to me. I am beginning to regret my choice, maybe 23and me or WeGene is better for Asian due to big database and more details for Asia, ?

  15. every day 10000 people get DNA T and companies grow to better result, DNA T you take today will be better in 5 years,,

  16. Leah Banks says:

    I found that their ethnicity estimate is VERY inconsistent with other sites. I’ve uploaded multiple people to MyHeritage and the results were extremely different from the original test. This was especially true for anyone who had Spanish/Iberian origins (many of which were confirmed thru their trees). Iberian didn’t even show up for 2 people who had over 20% Iberian thru ancestrydna.

  17. wizkei says:

    What I didn't like is that people who are from latinamerican countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, etc. mostly get the Central American ethnicity, and when you click on it to see which indigenous data base they tested it only shows Mestizo. It only gives a pretty vague description of the mixtures there were between Native Americans and Europeans… Mestizo isn't considered an ethnicity, as far as I know, mestizo is THE MIX that happens between different ethnicities. I want to upload my results on GEDmatch to see what this is all about but it's a bit confusing to me. Do you have any video showing how to see the actual results one can get from these tests? Greetings from Mexico!

  18. igot my dna heritage and I iwas confused as hell it gave me 70.7% central American and I didn't get it too much because my parents are south American . also, dna heritage is to basic can someone help me understand what it means by central American because iknow Hispanics are European and native

  19. Just ordered a kit. MyHeritage is very good if you live in Europe, since its fast, cheap, and they even have a Norwegian website. Most other DNA companies are great if your in USA, but can be a hassle outside.

  20. I found MyHeritage DNA, atleast in the uploading of your DNA from other companies, to be quite inaccurate. I uploaded my grandparents on my father's side, my mother, and I's DNA from Ancestry and the results don't add up. For instance, my biggest ethnic chunk came out to 54.7% North and West European, consisting of primarily Germany and France. This makes sense due to my heritage from my grandparents on my father's side. However, when I uploaded their DNA it showed my grandmother at only 27.7% North and West European, and she is directly from Germany. Furthermore, my grandfather who is French Canadian came back with NO dna from that region. I uploaded my mother's DNA and she only came back with 5.3% North and West European, which I find inaccurate to begin with since she is from Puerto Rico and has no ties to that region whatsoever. It may just be the uploading of DNA from other companies that is inaccurate, but nonetheless is very misleading because it simply does not add up.

  21. MyHeritage like FamilyTreeDNA area the worst in providing ancestry estimates. I have 3rd and 4th cousin matches with people of the Azores Island Portugal as well as Southern Italian cousin matches yet no Iberian or Italian DNA detected. Well, MyHeritage claimed only 1.1% of my DNA is Iberian which makes no sense and zero Italian DNA even though I have a great-grandmother of Sicilian descent. Not impressed. Strange enough North African and West Asian DNA markers have been consistently identified though.

  22. I knew that my grandparents were French and my heritage said I had no French blood. Odd because 23 and me found it immediately and it is 26% of . My heritage said I was 9% slavic and 23 and me says I have no slavic origins. The list goes on. I don't know who's telling the truth, but 23 and me comes closer to what I was told.

  23. W Stewart says:

    FTDNA charged me only once for each DNA test that I ordered. MyHeritage kept trying to sell me upgrades so I stopped using it after a few months. I thought that my first payment included ALL of MyHeritage's services, tools, etc. for an entire year.

    How useful would your personal and genetic information be to the CIA and other American law enforcement agencies? Do they need a warrant in order to access all of the information in the databases of American DNA testing companies? Does Mossad need a warrant in order to obtain that kind of information (someone in Israel answers if you telephone MyHeritage)?

  24. I think the size of myheritage's data base is more relevant for some ethnicities than others. For example, my boyfriend has a Finn has 1700 matches. However, me as a Portuguese have only the 171. So, myheritage is clearly more popular in Finland than in Portugal and USA.

  25. In general I disliked My Heritage because you had to pay to have more than 250 names in your tree. You have different subscriptions based on the number of people in your tree. For that reason I have preferred to use Ancestry. For that reason alone myHeritage lost my business. Perhaps if they change that in the future I would reconsider.

  26. LMAO I've only got 10 matches in total with myheritage

  27. Realist38 says:

    I like the price and their display format. MyHeritage matched my son with a cousin in South Africa and even though we also uploaded my son's DNA to the other vendors, this cousin obviously didn't because he only comes up as a match through MyHeritage. Even though the database is smaller it still proved superior in our case as this cousin provided the missing link that we needed, whereas the other ones wouldn't have.

    I dislike how they only give you limited info unless you pay their annual membership. That's the most irritating part.

  28. Arian192 says:

    Make a LivingDNA review! 🙂

  29. The reason I tested at MyHeritage is because they have a very strong European client base. I was hoping that would translate into European matches/distant cousins so that I could connect back to my Czech and Alsatian ancestors (same reason I had my Dad take the LivingDNA test to try to connect to our British/Irish distant cousins). I actually bought the kit at a conference and submitted the test rather than just transferring my results from Ancestry. But I did just recently transfer my Dad's raw data over from Ancestry. Still waiting for those results. You can sort your MyHeritage results by the country of origin of your matches. I've got 12 matches in Ireland! 0 in England, Scotland and Wales. 7 in Germany, 2 in the Czech Republic and 9 in the Netherlands.

  30. I like how they show all the stuff on one page when you are looking at a match. I also like how they show the shared matches and how they possibly match you and the match you are looking at. Their ethnicities are way off on percentages, though. They have my daughter as 73% native american and that is just impossible.

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