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Kylies Turn, taking the MyHeritage DNA Test

Kylies Turn, taking the MyHeritage DNA Test

My Grand-daughters turn at taking the MyHeritage genetics DNA Test, she is hoping to find out she is a Gypsy! :/


39 thoughts on “Kylies Turn, taking the MyHeritage DNA Test

  1. Ha, ha, no anunakis LOL xx

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  4. Gypsy? Do they come from Egypt?

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  13. we have been seeing these DNA tests everywhere! im kind of warming up to doing one. thanks for sharing!

  14. i see everyone is getting in on it… i wonder how similar the results will turn out

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  23. that was funny when Kylie realised it will be 4 to 6 weeks LOL

  24. cool Kylie as well so thats another chance to see if there is a relation

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  27. Sub 249 I guess your daughter is right people are weird bahahahaha I'll have to find out what the deal is….

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  29. 2028….hmmm…lol. I will take the million! Lol. Too bad we all have to wait soooo long for the results. Thanks for sharing!

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