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Lainey FINALLY Doing Gymnastics Again 4

Lainey FINALLY Doing Gymnastics Again 4

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47 thoughts on “Lainey FINALLY Doing Gymnastics Again 4

  1. Lainey you are so much cooler without onision!!

  2. hot bread says:

    lainey you are the biggest gay baiter and this video proves it by your friends calling you she and her

  3. hot bread says:


  4. J. C. P says:

    You are jealous of my roundoff , i hit my face with my knee but it’s just a part of the strat

  5. Eli Carver says:

    Why did they keep misgendering you, and saying your dead name?

  6. Lea Brost says:

    Is it Taylor or Lainey? I’m confused

  7. Great job Lainey! Like riding a bike!

  8. This is fucking awesome

  9. Tia Chia says:

    My wrists hurt after watching this. Because I was jerkin it.

  10. do more of this!!!

  11. I am clueless when it comes to gymnastics

  12. PunkdRebel says:

    Her friends, especially the mixed one calling her taylor seem really bitchy and two faced.

  13. JUST WOW. Good job , Lainey!!!

  14. tea qweef says:

    I mean, I get that people don't like her but
    D u d e
    There's an incredibly stupid and uneeded amount of hate here.
    Like, chill out, please? Youre allowed to not like her but don't be an asshole about it

  15. lovekai88 says:

    Handstand is not a good look for certain women. Your pooch gets accentuated.

  16. NEWSHOO says:


  17. So nice how her friends refer to her as HER because thats what SHE is

  18. Let us hope she leaves Greg and pursues this talent.

  19. Super Girl says:

    It’s so pleasing and satisfying to watch!!

  20. Jo Noneya says:


  21. ammymone says:

    this is good content

  22. Your so. Freaking good. At it! X

  23. dance Gavin dance?? My fav song is summer time sadness

  24. Woah she’s amazing! I could never do that ?

  25. "You little pansy!" – Taylor 2018

    help me I have gender dysphoria stop saying mean things but also I reinforce toxic stereotypes and values. Femininity is wrong and it is disgusting you sissy pansy girly worthless shit NOW CUT MY TITS OFF PLS

  26. Nimwits says:

    She/her pronouns? Taylor/Tay??
    how transphobic and disrespectful uwu

  27. Dance gavin dance baby!!

  28. miasakii says:

    lol i wish i could do a handstand!! youre so cool!

  29. kerry Sig says:

    Pops out two babies, still nails it! Good job Lainey, you're awesome!❤️???

  30. Like how she doesn’t mind being called Taylor by her old friends.

  31. River Rose says:

    A ghost pushed that spring board ?

  32. omg youre sooo good at gymnastics

  33. Just Nat says:

    I love how happy and carefree they look in this video.. I wish we saw this side of them more.

  34. Lainey looks genuinely happy. It’s nice to see them with their friends and away from Onion.

  35. Lainey seems so happy in this video! Genuinely good to see that.

  36. Maybe this is something you can do with your kids in your free time. You seem genuinely happy.

  37. My sisters only nine and shes in J.O level 3 which stands for junior Olympics

  38. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  39. "lainey is so sensitive about their pronouns" yeah sure, cassandra called them a "she" and "taylor" multiple times, nothing. cause cassandra isn't used to it, why should lainey bother

  40. Okay is it just me or does Lainey’s eyebrows look like they belong to Erwin from AOT?

  41. Saydee Jay says:

    Wouldn't they feel like uncomfortable with being called Taylor again?? I kinda cringed when their friends said it to them… awks?

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