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Growing up, I would melt into a puddle of nothingness as I waited for my mom to hang up the damn phone. Cheers to Latina moms and their “cua cua cua”!

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Cinematographer: Christina Cropper –https://www.facebook.com/christycropped

Sound: Alex Breslau

Directed by: Kevin Bosch

Editor: Jenny Lorenzo



Sue Schmidt
Samuel Twelve Rodriguez
Kevin Sanchez
Beatriz Chahiz
Kristen Garcia
Josh Dibella
Pilar Enseñat
Michelle Sherman
Arleny Vargas
Krystal Zamora
Lauren González Schulte
Sandor Varga
Michelle Mazuros
Eric Ortiz
Ibis Valdés
Stew Sizer
Stephanie Palacino
Melody-Ann Jones Kaufmann
Dre Molinar
Ximena Vila Ferral
Laura Fernandez
Christopher Milton
Melanie Iglesias
Lizette Sanchez
Henry Beguiristain
Melissa Montecuollo
Victor Hernandez
Alberto Zarraluqui
Christina Henderson
Kimberly Munoz
Roberto Bonini
Galicia Guerrero


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41 thoughts on “LATINA MOMS Never Hang Up The PHONE

  1. Favorite line: hazlo tú misma Laritza! ?. Jenny eres la mejor!

  2. Laughs in Cuban mom Spanish ?

  3. Gerry Cruz says:

    Does Fidelia (the one she’s calling) have her own children? Also, are those children complaining or asking something to their mom Fidelia, too? ? I want to see the other perspective of this. Lol.

  4. * Laughs in cuban mom spanish *

  5. Siempre me están jodiendo las palmomas. lol.

  6. ¡Pero qué scandalosa tu eres! Maruchi (2018).

  7. cries in dramatic spanish

  8. Girl just wanted some Mac and cheese

  9. Latina moms are like Filipino moms ?

  10. Apenas me di cuenta que la maruchi anda usando un Sidekick ?? I want those phones back

  11. Erica X says:

    When your Mom picks you up from school and then sees your friend's mom and starts talking and you and your friends stay an additional hour at school just with them talking. Outcome: "Mom can we walk to her house and you just pick us up?" No, but we can continue our conversation at our house. "Do you want coffee y pan before going home? We're closer to our house." Translation: You interrupt me while I was talking now you have "work/chores" to do. I never interrupted her after that! ☺

  12. this is my mom, only she tells me to make my own food if I'm hungry ;'D

  13. Jaayyay says:

    the phone… mami has a sidekick in 2018 lmao

  14. Honest Bee says:

    I swear this is me but i am in no way Spanish….i'm African

  15. I have to do the same thing to my mom. She wouldn't stop until I call her from another phone.

  16. In polish but my parents are the same

  17. BRO my cuban ass mom stays on the phone with my tias or my abuela for fucking HOURS

  18. This is literally my mom

  19. Thats it literally my mom, XD

  20. Rebecca says:

    The “okay bueeeeno” is so accurate I can’t

  21. Pido SUSCRÍBETE en mi canal. YouTube Eliana Correia Croxhê.

  22. This is not just latina moms, to be honest it's all moms.

  23. I like how she calls her mom "bro "

  24. This brings back memories.

  25. My mom is like “bueno..bueno..ok bueno..bye..bye bye” just like that in the end ?

  26. oh.my godDUH, every time I wrap up a phone call with my Mom, the I love yous have been said – she starts a new thread of conversation! I'm like, we're done! We've been on the phone for hours! The I love yous have been said! Twice!

  27. Where can I get her cell phone that lasts longer than 10 hours?

  28. If I interrupt my mum when she’s on the phone I get yelled at…

  29. My mom does the same thing and she's not even Latino

  30. Haha I'm seeing one day at a time on Netflix and Everything remind me tu abuela even the nicknames

  31. Ha ha igual ami cuando ella habla con las hermana de la iglesia Cristiana y yo le pido comida y ella habla y habla ughhh….

  32. E C says:

    ahhhh this is mi mami!!

  33. Haha this is like every Mexican woman… No Joke!!!! ?

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