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Let’s Talk TV: Tech – My Heritage DNA RESULTS!

Let’s Talk TV: Tech – My Heritage DNA RESULTS!

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Talk TV: Tech – My Heritage DNA RESULTS!

  1. thanks for the information, very kind !!!

  2. I got my results today:
    Irish, Welsh, & Scottish- 70.2%
    Balkan- 15%
    Eastern European- 13.5%
    West African- 1.3%

  3. hey what happens when you click on "show events from your family tree"?

  4. Your commentary is very helpful, clear and to the point. Thanks.

  5. You have Polish flag on your wall with the Polish eagle. You should add the British one with the British lion and Israeli flag too.

  6. my sister just got her results. tell me why it says she is 91.7 English and 8.3 greek ??? when my fathers grandma is 100% Cherokee and my mothers last name is Holt lmao. and she is def blood to us…shes a spitting image of my dads family.

  7. I wish I could decide between MyHeritage and Ancestry. I read they are pretty different and that bothers me.

  8. Top Notch says:

    Does the result also tell you the precise haplotype/haplogroup? I am about to perform the test, but I have to know this in advance. Thank you 🙂

  9. Yosi Golan says:

    a great video! ashkenazi jew thats cool.. as a jew i can tell u that its very cool u have that.
    .it seems like your last name is from ashkenazi polish decent u should check it
    theres information sometimes in hebrew websites about origins of names similar to yours/
    i would guess that it refers to an area in poland

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