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Lil Tay DISAPPEARS From Social Media After Controversial Hookah Video

Lil Tay DISAPPEARS From Social Media After Controversial Hookah Video

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Lil Tay aka “the youngest flexer of the century” has disappeared from social media and many are wondering what will happen to the controversial viral sensation.

If you didn’t like Lil Tay before, don’t worry it looks like a change is coming. We’re not sure yet if it’s for better or worse yet.

If you don’t know who Lil Tay is, you might be living under a rock. She’s a 9 year old self-proclaimed “flexer” who’s known for cursing, flashing her money, cars, and multiple houses. However, most of the stuff she’s flashing isn’t even hers. Anyway, she was well known, but went viral after she was spotted at a fight between Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli and Woah Vicky. Recently, she’s been all over the news, but this time it’s because she has deleted all posts on her social media. Let’s back up though. First her mom was fired from her job. She was a real estate agent in Vancouver Canada and the company she worked for discovered her 9 year old daughter’s inappropriate social media antics and when they found out Angela was serving as her daughters manager they fired her. The director of Business development for the company said QUOTE “When we found out about this activity last week we had to dismiss her.” Then a couple of weeks ago, some leaked footage came out showing how Lil Tay is actually being manipulated by her older brother.


And then she was just on Good Morning America with her mom a couple of weeks ago.


In that interview, she also claimed that she didn’t shoot in anyone else’s house and no one can prove that she did. AND she claimed that she went to Harvard, but when Juju Chang asked her where Harvard was, she didn’t know. One of the most recent controversial posts was a video on WorldStar Hip Hop that appeared to show Lil Tay smoking hookah. Her brother tweeted this tweet which seems to confirm that it was her, but for someone who doesn’t care what others think, why did she wipe her social media. Well, her brother tweeted this tweet saying, Don’t worry! Me and my sister and going to change up our whole image for the better! We boutta come back stronger then ever


So it looks like maybe the hookah video took things too far. The video made headlines and was extremely controversial. So it’s no coincidence that all of her social media was wiped clean shortly after. Only time will tell what’s next for Lil’ Tay, but in the meantime, let us know what you think. Do you think that she’s changing her image for the better, or do you think her brother is just letting time past before they start the controversial content again. Let us know in the comment section below and then click right over here to see why Selena is being accused of ripping off another artist with her ‘Back To You’ music video. As always, I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr, thanks so much for tuning in!

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30 thoughts on “Lil Tay DISAPPEARS From Social Media After Controversial Hookah Video

  1. Most of the stuff isn't even hers ?????? THE TRUTH, ???

  2. Giovan95 says:

    I hope she got taken away by social services.

  3. Lil tay is coming back obviously people do all types of crazy shit for money it's sad

  4. lil tay's mom's old job should know her information then they should give it to the cops then there

  5. tele68 says:

    What's troubling is not what she was doing, it's that so many people watched her.

  6. Now, if we could just get the other wannabe’s, such as Danielle and Whoa Vicky to disappear.

  7. Amy Star says:

    Harvard? Yet can't even help correct her brother with his spelling issues.
    It's not "then ever", it's "than** ever".

  8. She is the load her mom should have swallowed instead

  9. Mac Bitch says:

    CPS obviously took her ???

  10. "Read books or whatever you do in your spare time"- what's your tone like it's a bad thing? Hell yeah reading books is a good thing, why are you preaching otherwise and good riddance, lil girl won't be shootin' them bags no more, she needs HELP and FAST.

  11. I never liked Lil' Tay

  12. Ali says:

    Her life basically ruined at 9, adults including her brother should be charged with crimes.

  13. Mimismom says:

    Why does she have follower at the first place

  14. Good let’s hope it stays that way

  15. Lil tay needs a different family her family is horrible

  16. Lil tay is way too young to be doing any of this

  17. is her mum okay? like she looks dead inside

  18. Aura says:

    Her brother is just living his life through her! Her brother is disgusting, like who brags that their lil sister smokes hookah… Her brother and mom are controlling her and its disgusting…. They care more about money and staying relevant they'd put a 9 year old through hell… Smoking… Lying on live TV, making her curse and film Herself acting like a thug, and making her be hated so much, she even posted a video of herself crying…. I feel so bad for her: /

  19. “Living under a rock or read books or something” ? Wth that’s sad?‍♀️?

  20. Question: So tf what? Also, who the hell cares.

  21. Hi Yo says:

    who is she hiding from???! LIL KAY BITCHES!!! @lil_kay11111 on instagram ?

  22. C0_0KI3 says:

    What's with the adults in this girls life

  23. Queen Bee says:

    This is serious. Someone needs to take her away from her parents and brother or something.

  24. Rubix Stax says:

    Why am I here?HAHHAHA

  25. This guy is getting hot and hot hahaa i caaaant!

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