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Meeting My Moms Biological Family! #23andMe results

Meeting My Moms Biological Family! #23andMe results

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More information: We flew to Michigan to meet my mom’s biological family for the first time! My mom was adopted in a private adoption with no records, and no medical information and nothing she could do about it. She was suffering from a variety of health conditions (some her doctors had to solution, name or cure for), and she wanted to see if 23andMe could help give her answers. I had actually bought the DNA kit 4 years ago, but she never got to doing it. She decided it was time to give it a try. About 2 months ago, she had a match for over 25% of her DNA with a “half sister” and we were all stunned and blown away! She had found her birth family at last. It was truly a miracle and a huge blessing in our lives. We flew out to Michigan over 4th of July weekend and had an incredible time meeting our “new” and long lost family :). Thanks so much to them all for making our weekend so wonderful. We can’t wait to have them in NY and share the next adventure with you guys.

Stay tuned for more 23andMe information, my DNA results, and the rest of my moms incredible journey!



25 thoughts on “Meeting My Moms Biological Family! #23andMe results

  1. Anubis R says:

    Ur stupid ass music is fuken annoying…

  2. What is the name of the song played in the middle of the video???? The second song. So beautiful. Please share the name

  3. This brought me to happy tears !! I too was adopted. Through Ancestry DNA I found both sides of my biological family. I'm 60 and honestly was afraid my parents would not be found. But I found my Dad and went to Minnesota to meet him, his wife and my 4 half siblings !! I also met nieces, nephews and Great nieces !! I'm so blessed and feel so loved! Unfortunately on my Mother's side, she has passed away along with 2 of my 4 half siblings on her side. But my Grandmother was 1 of 15 children so I have tons of cousins, and 2nd cousins! That meet up is scheduled for May. I'm on the phone with family every day now!! Congratulations and enjoy your new found family. Let them fill that hole in your heart!!!

  4. I just purchased my 23 and me test its been two weeks now but I'm waiting for my results. I'm hoping too figure out who my father is there's been a lot off confusion. Your story gives me hope

  5. I was adopted and know nothing of where I come from. I'm so excited to do this. thank you for sharing, I am very hopeful.

  6. That's so crazy! I did a 23andMe ancestry test and met my birth family as well!

  7. L Brown says:


  8. I just took my DNA test , I am looking for my biological siblings. Do you know if your mom and aunt took the test is that how they matched…or how exactly do they find a match for you?

  9. This is so cool!! I was on the island when you where there for the 4th! My dad is really good friends with Scott! I never knew you made YouTube videos I'm so jealous! I wish I couldve meet you! You'll have to come back some time soon. Sugar island is the perfect private get away!

  10. Out of curiosity, is your family enrolled card carrying Natives?

  11. Cyn Wilson says:

    this makes me so hopeful that one day I can find my biological family.

  12. wonderful…gives others hope

  13. What's the song at 6:54? The song that starts after the brunch transition?

  14. Sierra says:

    This is exactly what my dream is. My mother was from a closed adoption and I've waited so long to find out who I am and who she is. Finding her family would be amazing. I just sent in my 23andMe kit!

  15. why the hell did someone press thumbs down?

  16. This is so incredible!!!! Its amazing how these DNA tests can reconnect families. Simply amazing! Im so excited for you!!!

  17. Michigan can be beautiful!

  18. have you ever been or planning to visit Israel??? i heard its the 3rd country with highest percentage of vegan. idk i found that interesting.

  19. this video inadvertently changed my life I was going to explain everything but you won't have probably ever see it so I didn't bother but if you do come across this just now you changed my life for the better thank you

  20. Your mom's family definitely have native looks that Forsure. thanks for sharing your journey ? do you know what tribe you are from

  21. This is such a warm & happy video. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  22. VERLAN says:

    Did you find any information that might have led to the story behind your mom's adoption and your Native American side of the family (since your aunt looks like she has Amerindian blood as well)?

  23. I just received my 23and me results, being adopted I too have a million questions. I loved watching y'all connect with real blood family. Thank you for sharing. Cricket Dee

  24. This is soo cute!!! ??❤ Hope you can finally make some amazing memory's with your long lost family!! Xx

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