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My 23andme and You

My 23andme and You

Learn about me through my DNA
Also some stats about you guys
Genetic test done by 23andme https://www.23andme.com , not a sponsor. It’s a bit expensive. I don’t know if I would recommend it unless if you wanted to know about a disease and it was approved by doctors/health boards. If you get the test and doctors don’t trust it it might be a waste of money. Also it may not be trustworthy.

Foot Notes

Regarding soap
Soap makes hair puffy. Makes skin itchy and dry. But without soap… nothing bad happens.
When I get smelly pits, I find it’s how hard I rub that makes the smell go away and stay away. Not how much soap I use.
I think there’s oils on skin that dirt can stick to so soap should make cleaning easier. And scents can just make any smells covered up. But for me soap seems to have more negatives than positives.
Still use soap on my hands though. I wash my hands a lot.



20 thoughts on “My 23andme and You

  1. habojspade says:

    Please narrate everything in my life.

  2. He is just half smart. 51% smart

  3. Bryn R says:

    0:30 hello fellow Canadian!

  4. Fe-male = Iron-man…

    …us Fe-males are Iron-men

  5. Well I just bought it, they are having an amazon prime day deal

  6. i love bitter flavors!

  7. I'm curious if you scripted this video or if you just speak naturally the way you do in other videos

  8. No One says:

    I love how funny and stream-of-consciousness and casual you are! You're so entertaining and educational! Also your drawings and stuff are just massively delightful! And the SOUND EFFECTS! A million stars!

  9. I did not expect this to be so entertaining. Especially because I hated stream of conciousness in class.

  10. I like you. You are a good egg.

  11. New subscriber watching this 🙂

  12. Ana Amaro says:

    "Two stars? That's not enough confidence." Is there ever enough confidence?

  13. VOX did a really good explanation of Asian red face recently. Would recommend.

  14. This video is just amazing. I found it so funny xD

  15. Goat says:

    You make me not want to kill myself. Please make more videos.

  16. you clearly redefine what it is to have no filter. I also get trouble sleeping for the same reason as you

  17. Yumiko says:

    i am female and i feel lucky/offended

  18. Olivia C-G says:

    p funny guy sad that you have such a male audience though

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