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My 23andMe Experience and Results | South Asian/Indian

My 23andMe Experience and Results | South Asian/Indian

Welcome to my channel!

Please feel free to check out my video where I talk about my results from the 23andMe genetic testing kit. Overall, I thought it was a cool kit, but of course it doesn’t go into specifics so if you’re looking for that, you might want to look into other testing (and let me know about it!!)

**Also oops I mean intracaste not intercaste


PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYTJziNrcbs&t=1s


22 thoughts on “My 23andMe Experience and Results | South Asian/Indian

  1. I really dig the song in the beginning. Also, I'm glad you did this!

  2. boom says:

    nice video. I am originally from India, mangalore which is in the south. My results just came back from Ancestory. 88% Asia South, 6% Asia East and 3% Melanesian, 2% Asia Central and < 1% Polynesia

  3. How many of your SNPs they report in their raw data? Have you downloaded it.?

  4. I'm Bengali my parents are from sylet Bangladesh but I got 86% central Asia (Kazakhstan) lmfao

  5. These DNA tests are only nation-based and never cover the 4 human species.

    Learn about 4 human species. Especially about White and Red Caucasian humans.

    Indians are highly mixed Red, Black genes.. as well as White and Yellow genes.


  6. Odiya are traveling all over east Asia include srilanka. It's a oral history in my state. So I am not surprised about DNA result.

  7. Mine came as 100% Japanese. I am an Indian.

  8. ankushzap says:

    I am sure Indians will be 95-99% South Asian. Cuz Unlike other nations we mostly didnot emigrate to other nations.

  9. Many British people have a high percentage of Scandinavian. You may have only been passed down the Scandinavian DNA

  10. british just administered indians they didn't dare to mess with indians that's the reason indians r indians even today, lol.

  11. mahir khan says:

    Can u please tell us your haplogroup type?

  12. Being a Oriya, for some reason I guess I will also be a 95+% south Asian ?

  13. Why is that they only have one category for India? but so many sub-categories in other regions. India is not homogenous country. It has 1.3 billions people and when you combine all of South Asian combined it's 1.7 billion. People in the North, South, East and West all look different, have different cultures, languages, and therefore have different DNA's. There has been many invasion and migration into India over thousands of years. Its unfair how they specify European, Asian and Africans, but India as only one population, all 1.7 billion are one population?? They separate West Africa from Central African, Northern European from Southern, even England is separate from Irish and Scots who are pretty much just like them? LOL India is ancient with thousands of years of history and is older than many other populations. It deserves to be broken down into sub-categories.

  14. B Bhatt says:

    Ever heard of the Dutch East India Co?

  15. Peluche070 says:

    YEap india is all about segregation according to the origin and family medical history. Hence the whole arrange marriage practice back in the day. Also, Dutch, French, Spanish were in India way before the British! Churches that are more than 800 years old.

  16. I am not sure if you have heard about them already but Xcode Life is doing a much detailed Ancestry DNA analysis. This means you will get a more detailed breakup of your South Asian roots to the level of ethnicities. It is best for Indians to get that test. You can check them out at: https://www.xcode.in/

  17. I feel like this girl has some kind of pride for her "purity ". which is annoying

  18. omg you look like my cousin….it's freaky

  19. Sean K says:

    99.2%?!?!?!?! That sucks..

  20. Sarah S says:

    I realllllllyyyyy want to do a test. As far as I know, I am 100% Indian but I'm pretty sure I'm part Portuguese on my mom's side and would love to know how much, if any! Thanks for sharing, I also haven't seen too many South Asians do the 23andMe test!

  21. i did this and got 100% indian lol not very interesting

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