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My 23andMe Results are in! (Reveal)

My 23andMe Results are in! (Reveal)

Video about my 23andme results; recorded as I saw them for the first time!

Recording software: Bandicam (https://www.bandicam.com)


3 thoughts on “My 23andMe Results are in! (Reveal)

  1. Movie Buff says:

    Aren't East Asian & Native American linked in the distant past?

  2. Everyone gets that "broadly" result, if they are Northern European, they get it, if they are Southern Euro – they get broadly Southern. Eastern Euro "broadly". It's just how 23and me does it – they are more conservative in their estimates, which may be more accurate – if they don't want to label some DNA as belonging to a specific group if they aren't sure. Also, a lot of French DNA can be labelled British – especially if its Northern France. I have French ancestry – a French surname like you – but most of the DNA tests I've taken didn't show me having a lot of French/German/West European ancestry. In fact, only one did.

  3. Rose Culp says:

    Another good video.

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