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My Ancestry DNA Results!

My Ancestry DNA Results!

Thank you all so much for watching! I was really excited to be able to finally do this 🙂


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31 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results!

  1. Those 9-15% Italian, Sardinian or Greek, that a lot of Mexican show in their DNA test, it means Spain. The Spanish empire was built on two kingdom: Castile in the West and Aragon in the East. The Crown of Aragon included many parts of what today is Italy, Sardinia and Greece. In fact the most part of Spaniards have in their DNA test the same values

  2. Joe says:

    My Ancestry DNA results:

    64% Native American (Aztec/Mayans) I'm Mexican

    20% Spain

    Low confidence regions:

    3% Africa Southeastern Bantu

    2% Europe South

    2% Middle East

    2% Ireland/Scotland/Wales

    2% European Jewish

    1% Asia Central

    1% Polynesia

    <1% Caucasus

    <1% Asia East

    <1% Africa North

  3. omgdar says:

    1. Europe | 87%
    2. West Asia | 7%
    3. Africa | 3%
    4. America | 2%
    5. Asia | < 1%
    1. Iberian Peninsula | 21%
    2. Europe East | 19%
    3. Ireland | 19%
    4. Italy/Greece | 14%
    5. Great Britain | 8%
    6. Middle East | 7%
    7. Europe West | 3%
    8. Scandinavia | 2%
    9. Native American | 2%
    10. Africa North | 2%
    11. European Jewish | < 1%
    12. Senegal | < 1%
    13. Asia South | < 1%

  4. How long did it take to get yours

  5. b.cage says:

    i could deff see italian/spanish/native american. she fine af
    pretty cool that she had the british/celtic too.

  6. Daisy Wong says:

    dam, she got everything!

  7. Wil liam says:

    Mexicans ARE mixed. Mexican is not an Ethnicity

  8. miles dee says:

    I didnt notice the bags under your eyes but i did notice the beautiful in your face

  9. They couldn’t figure my results out, sending me back another kit… what a crock of shit

  10. Aixa V says:

    I clicked on you because I feel like we look alike. Like we could be cousins except I'm Puerto Rican. ?
    I'll be doing the DNA test too. Now looking at you, I'm excited to find out if I'll have more Native in me than I thought I would. The average Puerto Rican has like 15-20%.
    Also, I'm pretty sure I'll be high on Iberian Peninsula. And I have no doubt that Italy/Greece will show up for me. ?
    Maybe I'll stop by your Instagram to show you what I look like.
    I'm not very active on there though.

  11. Alex Bulat says:

    I am half Mexican and I got 36% Native, 53% Europe, 8% African…. And other stuff like Asian and Middle East

  12. Ana Stella says:

    In Spain we are white.

  13. Purchase tests for your parents and maybe sisters also…. You will learn some interesting contrasts….

  14. Thats a dope intro! I uploaded my DNA test video also. You do look puerto rican!

  15. Many Iberian have European South blood. The only way to find out is to test your parents ^^

  16. youre like a pretty version of ugly Betty.

  17. Jake Blake says:

    Mexicans are nottt mixed with Africans?

  18. TER 0 says:

    good video , hispanic is a false label put on all central n south americans bc most r not euro or mostly so,latino too

  19. Your Family wasn’t excited, hmmmm wonder why.. the TRUTH CAN HURT! ?✊?
    You can’t claim to be one thing, when your obviously not! That does crush dreams when someone has believed that they are something their whole lives.. and find out they aren’t…….
    Glad you found your truths! Your human.. and N O race can define beauty on the inside or out ♥️

  20. To answer question about where components are coming from the best option would be to get your mother tested. You can then compare results etc.

  21. Can someone help, it says I'm mostly English and German and I have 10 percent east Asian. When I click the 150 0ther regions and go to east Asia it has a number 1. What do the 150 other regions mean? And what do the smaller areas inside the larger areas mean on the map? Please help.

  22. Now I wanna get a test done !

  23. John Cox says:

    she have sexy soup blower lips.

  24. You look EXACTLY like my best friend who is Mexican ?
    That’s weird that it gave you the same thing twice did you notice?
    Great Britain (which consists of Ireland, England and Wales) as 5%
    Then gave you Ireland, Britain and Wales again but as 2% and as a different separate category

  25. Hi says:

    Hi beautiful

  26. I just ordered my DNA kit! I’m from Guanajuato so I guess mine will be close to the same results as you.

  27. Great video! Love your dog❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. Jedz One says:

    You and your dog are awesome! I'm so excited to get my results.

  29. QTee says:

    Anyway, i am Central American and i found Italian Greek lineage as my dominant European lineage which i never expected being Central American.. i know my gr8 grandmother was directly from Europe but she never mentioned being Italian

  30. QTee says:

    Ive noticed that Mexico has an incredibly diverse looking population. ..its pretty cool… you do look more PR but then again, people always expect what they only know about

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