Home DNA AncestorMy Ancestry DNA Results 2018 Update African Ancestry/ Ancestry.com AncestryDNA #HangingOutWithAngel
My Ancestry DNA Results 2018 Update African Ancestry/ Ancestry.com AncestryDNA #HangingOutWithAngel

My Ancestry DNA Results 2018 Update African Ancestry/ Ancestry.com AncestryDNA #HangingOutWithAngel

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Louisiana Creoles & African Americans
You probably have relatives who were part of this migration in the past few hundred years.

Your connection to this migration is likely through your ancestry from:

Ivory Coast/Ghana

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34 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results 2018 Update African Ancestry/ Ancestry.com AncestryDNA #HangingOutWithAngel

  1. Can you help me I took 23andMe : family from Cape Verde, island

    my mtDNA L2a1i.. can you help me track down this..

  2. Morning Angel cool channel particularly like your thumbnails

  3. Mimi E says:

    Interesting results! I did a video for my grandma last year which was hilarious.. Lol
    She didn't believe most of it even after explaining it afterwards. ?

  4. Tempting me to do it ?

  5. Shy says:

    I really enjoyed your video!! I was excited to get my results and watch other's share theirs!!

  6. Aya Aya says:

    You know the Europe was probably rape so don't feel to happy about that & you are not an Israelite.

  7. How did you pick which company to go with?

  8. The original Greeks were not black. Jesus Christ lol

  9. You can download your Ancestry raw DNA results, and upload them to Gedmatch. Gedmatch has very large data bases, which allows you to see which African tribes you are closest to. You can also find more DNA matches of relatives, which includes some people who are born on the African continent, who are from specific African ethnic groups. For an example, you have mostly Ghanaian and Ivory Coast DANA, you may find a distant cousin, who is from the Akan, people. This will allow you to know without doubt that some of your ancestors were Akan.

  10. bluff Ahh these dna test companies
    the "native" americans are not original to americas..but yes to mongolia..later they went up to russia..siberia.before crossing the bering straight to canada! or north americas

    the south america lineage come from south east or EAST ASIA! indonesia melanesia.polynesian etc.
    all bluff ahh

  11. Mari E says:

    Hi Angel, wanted to know if native american ancestry is common in AA creoles in Louisiana? You're the second person I've seen in the U.S. with 20% or more native.

  12. The original greeks were not black. The whole indo-european language family (which greek is part of) consists of populations of west eurasian descent. We know for a fact from excavations and having sequenced the dna of people from all periods of greek history as well as the time preceeding the immigration of indo-european tribes into the balkan peninsula that the greeks were all west eurasian (mostly european with some minor influx from otger west eurasian populations). We can also track the migrations much more easily and accurately through y DNA and mitochondrial DNA haplogroups, and the haplogroups of the ancient greeks are west eurasian.
    It is not nice to claim other people's history, your claim is basically some extreme black nationalism. More than anything it shows ignorance and stupidity.I do not want to believe that but please please educate yourself from sources other than black nationalist websites.

  13. willie417 says:

    How are you good with putting someones info online like that? did you get their permission? most folks blank it out when they talk about other relative profiles. I like that NA line you got there too, one reason is because I hear a lot of there was no mixing with the NA & Africans, even tho there's a lot of proof of it, but if the lie is told long enough guess they hope people will believe it.

  14. You have such a sweet spirit. I love how positive and kind you are to everyone, even the evil people that show up.???

  15. Thank you for sharing Angel ! I did my Ancestry DNA with Ancestry.com too and it was a great experience. Gedmatch.com is a great site too which goes more indepth. Genealogy is like a huge complex yet beautiful puzzle. God is Amazing !!!

  16. So cool you got almost 20 percent native.

  17. hey angel, these test throw up some interestin results for sure, glad u got ur certificate too!! hope your well!!

  18. No shit you're black

  19. I’ve got to do a DNA test. Everyone talks about where they are from. I’m obviously European, but who knows! Loved this!

  20. Ancient Greeks were white not black. It is a false statement to say otherwise.

  21. Remi Moore says:

    I really want to take that test now. Angel are you anywhere near Louisiana? These are so interesting.

  22. Glad to call u a native sister!

  23. C C says:

    White people like to say the greeks were the first to have dread locs. They dont understand that it was the original black grecians

  24. Hi sweetie!! I'm here watching 🙂

  25. Midnight says:

    Hey, go to wegene

  26. ReviewCam says:

    Should try to get a male relative for even more results. Agree with you about the tribe of Israel and the four corners of the world:)

  27. A Mieses says:

    Beautiful discovery! Louisiana explains a lot!

  28. Tina Perry says:

    Great results, Be careful discussing your relatives information on YouTube!

  29. The beauty of DNA is it makes you think more about history and family

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