Today I’m sharing my FINAL DNA RESULTS using ANCESTRY DNA! I was HELLA surprised by my DNA makeup and let’s just say that the word of the day is WOW!
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  1. Right now ancestry dna on sale $69!!!

  2. Greetings. You are mistaken in your beliefs about your results. You took the autosomal test which means your ancestral makeup is from both your parents. You inherit 50% from each parent. If you want to learn about your maternal line that is called the mtDNA; this test only accounts for less than 2% of your genome. The same applies for the paternal line test called Y-DNA, which of course, females have to have their father or paternal brother, uncle to take to learn of your paternal line. The autosomal test will provide you with estimates of your ancestral makeup contributed by your parents.

  3. I had that same question with my dna results! I know my ancestors were Sierra Leonean but it doesn’t have that in my results but when I look at my family tree it’s clear which one was captured and brought here to start the American side. I am 6th gen American. Love your results ❤️

  4. We are all cousins in some kind of way, wah't up.

  5. CeddieCed says:

    Haitian usually have More Cameroon/Congo and/or Benin/Togo, from all the Haitian results…

  6. iloverette says:

    I heard that African Ancestry is the best test for Black people to take (tho, with good reason, I'm highly uncomfortable with just sharing my DNA) cuz it breaks down the exact ethnic/tribal groups.

  7. Those blacks out there in those countries are mental cases it's the most dangerous in the world. Some airlines won't even fly there.

  8. Carpe Diem says:

    These results, Jasmine Rose, represent your ancestry from BOTH parents' sides of the family. The only thing you would need a male relative for is to determine your male haplogroup – meaning your father's, father's, father's, father's etc. line – and people sometimes want that to prove connection to a specific surname. For example, male descendants of Sally Hemmings carried a rare haplogroup associated with Thomas Jefferson. If your brother does do it, if he were a straight male line descendant of Dutty Boukman, he would share Boukman's haplogroup. Or, he might be able to prove descent from a specific family in Africa. However, since your ancestors probably left Africa two or more centuries ago, do not expect too much in this regard. I do not suppose that any of the 345 people to whom you are connected are actually in Africa?

    Your varied ancestors in Africa might not have migrated much within Africa, but instead mingled together in the Americas. I would have predicted, looking at you, a West African ancestry. Your prominent rounded cheekbones are typically West African. One point to remember is that these tests compare you to PRESENT-DAY inhabitants of certain countries. Your ancestors may have lived in a coastal region, but the members of their families that remained in Africa may have fled and moved elsewhere further away from the coast. So you might have roots in a country, but no relatives left there! Isn't history fascinating?

  9. Shedly _ says:

    I neeeed that t-shirt! ?? what size are you wearing in the video??

  10. _IshaBabii says:

    Its sad that you weren’t this happy when it said you were from Sierra Leone but it looks like you wanted to be from the popular places like Nigeria and Ghana ..Maybe if you google Sierra Leone you’d see how beautiful it is

  11. RickyboyH says:

    Cool! I´m Namibian, I did a test with Dna Tribes, on that, I found out that the ones closest to me in the diaspora were/are Haitians. Now I´m waiting for the results of my FTDNA test, going to upload the raw data on Gedmatch as well. I just took em for fun, since I already know which tribes I hail from.

  12. kim berley says:

    It warms my heart whenever I watch these videos and people are so excited to be from my country, Ghana. Makes me feel so proud and happy to be connected with them

  13. kim berley says:

    It warms my heart whenever I watch these videos and people are so excited to be from my country, Ghana. Makes me feel so proud and happy to be connected with them

  14. When I first started watching your channel I thought this girl looks like a Ghanaian chick- well now we know! Lol. Congrats on getting a better breakdown.

  15. Bernie Mat says:

    If this tests your mother’s dna, Sierra Leone can be explained by your father’s DNA. And also there might have been some slave trade within the West Indies as well. Like the British trading with the French and the Spaniards who knows!!!! Great video ??????

  16. You are beautiful inside and out. I want to try this. I have been informed many times that I look like I am from Nigeria. Question: do you find the up Keep of the unit you are wearing to be fair or unreasonable?

  17. My brother took it and we are more Cameroon than Nigerian. I was surprised but not really because Nigeria was Cameroon at one time or a part of Cameroon. I was planning on taking the African DNA but seeing that it's more expensive and not as detailed I will hold off. The other ones sell your information so I'm going to hold off on them as well until they create one that doesn't do that.

  18. Your bed, It's so unique!

  19. L lg says:

    This is an autosomal DNA test; therefore, it gives you a full picture. This test includes what you received from both parents. You are speaking of the patrilineal test. For that test, you would need a male relative. This test is very different from a patrilineal test.

  20. I’m Jamaican by the way and they told us in history class in Jamaica that most of us cane from Ghana the Ashanti tribe.

  21. ????? British to the core ??? Jamaica mon irie lol

  22. I dont believe all of this they say all black people are from the same country…hmmm smh. skept

  23. Moto Gyal says:

    Where did you get your bed frame?!

  24. The says:

    It seems like out of all of the tests you took this was the most detailed.
    I’ve been wanting to do this since I’m adopted so I don’t know anything about my roots but I’ve been debating which is the best. This video just helped me decide. ????

  25. chery818 says:

    Wonderful, I did African Ancestry and would like to do this one too. I’m Haitian as well so I’m excited to find out what it says for me. P.S. Mèsi pitit pou enfòmasyon SALE lan paske mwen pa vle peye plis pase $69 ?? ????

  26. All Haitians are cousins, lol. HI COUSIN

  27. So nobody gonna talk about her hair .Mwen renmen chevew .

  28. Ire Faith says:

    Ayyeee Nigerian sistaaa!!

  29. Bome Kanu says:

    Hey I'm a Sierra Leonean girl born and raise. It's a small country and so welcoming. Also most people call the country Mama Salone or just Salone. Also I noticed that most of ancestry.com video that I have seen say that black people are from the same places (Nigerian/ Ghana/Cameroon). I have only seen one video where it even mentioned Salone even though Mama Salone was one the trading hubs. There is a test that shows your tribal ancestry, which is more important on the African side. I even heard Chadwick Boseman took it and found out he was part Libba and Temne from Salone, along with some other tribes. I think if you really what to get connected to your African side this would help because you can try to starting learning more specific traditions. Also, tribes may travel but they all have commonality that transcend European borders. I'm a Temne and Fula if you were wondering. Add me on ig (yabomekanu) if you wanna talk more about mama Salone.

  30. Jaznellow says:

    Just curious if you had any Native American heritage come up? You know how our people always trying to claim Cherokee on the census ?

  31. kdesi27 says:

    Im also Haitian too and did Ancestry. I'm mostly Cameroon/Congo. Surprise also from Mali. Most were colonized by the French. I wanted more Ghana in me too only got like 5 %. But its cool get to learn about other cultures. Great video

  32. Ghana gal ayyyyyeee???? your analysis @ 7:12 ?. For real tho congrats on getting more info!

  33. Question you mentioned because it's your DNA that these results are speaking to your maternal side is that right? I did the test but no one else in my immediate family has so I'm trying to figure out if these results are all my mothers side or both

  34. Gifi Amo says:

    I always thought you were GHANAIAN so I'm not surprised with the results

  35. Its a guy name dean Callaway https://youtu.be/wN7djnNu9K8
    who talk about how the dna test is flawed and what the use your dna for once they have it…I been following you since the locs days and watch your vids from time to time they are always interesting keep up the work look into that guy on here and check out 1804 by Tariq Nasheed

  36. Sierra Leone wasn't colonized by the French though

  37. Lol I knew there was some Naija in there!!! If you're coming to Africa, come to Lagos!

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