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11 thoughts on “My Ancestry DNA Results!

  1. You look fab. Recent subscriber x

  2. Tarezzz says:

    Hi Fae thats pretty cool thanks for sharing.i keep saying i'm going to do the DNA ancestry thing, because i'm adopted. and your right about Africa many people dont know that or dont want to accept it. so stop calling yourself not smart, your very smart and beautiful . Have a great day !

  3. Fae I know that I said this once but I'd so date you. On you ancestry DNA that's good news to hear ????

  4. Can look me up on f.b by name or snap gregs92584

  5. Would love to chat and get to know u

  6. tim gersh says:

    i know i am South American and Italian but really i dont care oh and my mom told me her great grandfather was from Scotland

  7. tim gersh says:

    nope that group was very much North America

  8. tim gersh says:

    humanity started in the Indus Vally

  9. tim gersh says:

    did you get any Kryptonain

  10. I like your videos on YouTube

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