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My AncestryDNA Results – shocking (Middle Eastern)

My AncestryDNA Results – shocking (Middle Eastern)

Results @ 1:45
Thank you for watching me read my dna results aloud. It is no coincidence that you’ve stumbled upon my channel. Hope you decide to stay and become apart of my family(:
Ig @hebaodeh__


10 thoughts on “My AncestryDNA Results – shocking (Middle Eastern)

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  2. you girl you look arab 10000000%
    I am an Arab-Egyptian from North Africa – egypt
    and my results are
    63% north africa

    32% middle east

    2% Greece /italy

    2% iberian peninsula

    1% east africa ?

    i use 32andme because it's better for people from MENA region

    MyHeritage DNA good for europeans not others

    I expected Greece because of history

    but iberian peninsula was surprised for me

  3. Madi says:

    your results are actually pretty 'normal' for an arab/based on your background. Also, the european jewish is still within the middle eastern spectrum (since jews came from the middle east to europe) which makes sense because there was some inevitable mixing between the jews and arabs and whatnot since they were in such close proximity to each other 🙂

  4. Abdul says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing. Your results are quite typical for a Jordanian/Syrian mix. I have even seen Iraqis with almost the same admixture except a bit more Caucuses and less Middle east and southern Europe. I am a Sudanese Arab, check out my results https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toVDFICzOwI

  5. Cre Tv says:

    What do you use to edit?

  6. Trax-3 says:

    You are Levantine, I would say your looks are in no way unusual for the region.

  7. Jessie Sae says:

    Yayyy I love watching your videos❤️❤️❤️

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