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My Autosomal DNA Test Results: AncestryDNA, DNA.Land, MyHeritage & Ancient Origins (FTDNA)

My Autosomal DNA Test Results: AncestryDNA, DNA.Land, MyHeritage & Ancient Origins (FTDNA)

In this video I shared my autosomal DNA test results with you.

AncestryDNA Results: 1:19
DNA.Land Results: 3:11
MyHeritage Results: 4:01
Ancient Origins Results: 4:54


Yamnayan Vegan is a YouTube channel created by a vegan archaeologist whose main interest is Indo-European studies. In this channel you’ll be able to find videos on Indo-European studies, veganism, theology, ethics, conservatism, Vaishnavism and Celtic Music.

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47 thoughts on “My Autosomal DNA Test Results: AncestryDNA, DNA.Land, MyHeritage & Ancient Origins (FTDNA)

  1. Rik P says:

    I guess this is the first time I watch a DNA result video where the undergoer of the test understands what he reads and knows what he's talking about…applause to you, even for the all-round testing

  2. You look like a pashtun (Afghan). Those were my first thought.

  3. LifeisPain says:

    wtf kurd? i think he is the son from jesus amk

  4. Ashkenazim are not genetically eastern european. They are mixed middle east + europe. They actually genetically overlap with caucasus and kurds

  5. Semitic father Ashkenazi-sefarad and African mother.

    My ancestors came from Portugal Brazil and Germany before the great wars in Europe.

  6. My heritage gave a better answer.

    20 to 30 percent of my genetics genetic tests give different results.

    I think we know only the ethnic genetics that we have in the greatest quantity.

    I know that I am not totally European at home from the appearance of the people of my family and the history of my families my father is from one country my mother is from another and because of customs as well.

  7. When it joins the genetics of the father and the mother creates new combinations and has genetics that are ambiguous.

    Our origin is on the chromosome: Y and mtDNA.

    It would be interesting for them to study the chromosome deeply: X, the rest seems a bit silly to me.

    Remember, there are two spiral ribbons …

  8. Big love to Armenian from Iraq ..

  9. Kardeşim birbirimize benziyoruz . Sakallarımla senin sakalların aynı derecede. Bende kürdüm 🙂

  10. Bu testi nasıl yaptırabiliyoruz 🙂 bizde soyumuzun karışmadan hep Çerkes olduğunu biliyoruz ama test etmek mükemmel olacaktır.

  11. Nice Results, How were ur FamilyTree DNA Rsults (Myorigins), how much Asia Minor u got?

  12. Dude, has anybody ever told you that you look like Jesus ?

  13. Judging solely by looks, I would guess that you are something like Iranian, or perhaps Afghani. But, you could be northern Indian, also – going by looks. One thing is for sure, you probably are a great mixture of things – as we all are! Now I will go on to find out what you have to reveal!

  14. you are very much look like Freddy mercury

  15. Jesus, I knew you came back.

  16. how much costs this test ?

  17. I'm chechen from North Caucasus, and i love your videos

  18. Dostum sen Lazsın, muçore cuma 🙂

  19. He looks Israelite or Greek??

  20. Eric Last says:

    I think its interesting how you can have finish and north African , the other stuff not a shock cuz those places are close like Greek mixed with turk or Armenian

  21. When I first saw you, you looked familiar to me. In fact, you kind of remind me of myself a bit (with the exception of my light eyes and my hair is not as good as yours). I would have guessed you to be from the Iranian plateau (from Kurdistan to Afghanistan). However, if not, Kavkaz, Levantine or Southern European would have been my next guess. What are your Y-DNA and mtDNA? My Y-DNA is R1a1a1 (which is of Indo-European origin). You can get this information on your haplogroups if you took the 23andMe test. Do you also believe your ancestors came from the Scythians? That could be an another possible group that might have played a role into your ancestry results as well. Also, have you used GEDmatch calculators (like Eurogenes, Dodecad, etc.)? These calculators can also be prove to be useful as well. Also, remember these DNA tests and calculators are not 100% accurate, since they have their own set of weaknesses/problems regarding population samples, the amount of those samples, data analysis, etc. However, they could be a good start into finding out the locations of your ancestry/ancestors (to a certain degree).

  22. (before watching the video) I think you could be Italian/Iberian/Balcanic.

  23. Gev G says:

    You strike me as being Caucasian but you have some south Asian influence slightly

  24. you need to have a haircut…lol

  25. That’s some great hair you got.

  26. Abi saç sakalı kes bence..Ne dediğin anlaşılmıyor..

  27. I M A QYN says:

    Since he looks like Jesus I would say he's from Iran/Turkey/Palestine/Yemen/Syria or something like that

  28. He's a hot white guy….! tall dark and handsome=caucasian

  29. Yamnayan sounds like the region armenian iranian azeri. You are definetly caucasian turkish persian arabic mix.

  30. You're also 100% intelligent and 100% handsome 🙂

  31. Efgan Kha says:

    i guess you are georgian…. 😀 and your mother side is related to them ))

  32. Can you send me the link of ancient origins test?

  33. hipretty says:

    IDK where you look like you are from, but you look like George Harrison and you are Vegan and have your beads on….that's OK in my book! ????☀️?✌????

  34. mindful says:

    You are 100% Jesus Christ!

  35. Hey man if you or anyone who happens to read this, knows the name of the song that plays at 4:30, I'd really appreciate knowing its name! We are distant Celtic kin it seems 😉

  36. Please I fear for your safety. Erdogan and his goons may attack you for being Armenian. Please stay safe brother. Also it would be nice if you done a video in Turkish for your fans in Turkey.

  37. OK interesting, he was also anti Muslim and done many bad things. They say he was a crypto jew along with the young turks and a freemason.

  38. Are you a Muslim by any chance? Or a secular kemalist?

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