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  1. Korean DNA marker is 02b. You look Manchurian. You will have Korean DNA. No surprise.

  2. Why are you sound so like timid

  3. Rebecca N says:

    do you know that Mongolia was part of China right? Actually, there are a lot of Mongolian living in Inner Mongolia, so it's possible that one of your Han Chinese grandparents married a Mongolian who is also Chinese but belongs to different ethnic groups.

  4. Thanks a lot you Chinese due to your invasion I have Chinese in me which I HATE!

  5. 2:20 Thumbnail! So clever ?

  6. Mongolian and Koreans are really close in DNA. Just Korean DNA marker is 02b. Not sure about Mongolian.

  7. Landscape change throughout history.

  8. Nancy Reds says:

    Thanks for share! I recommend trying 24Genetics, it is the most complete one in ancestry that I have seen until date with more than 400 world regions (https://24genetics.co.uk/)

  9. Kai ii says:

    Mongolian, Korean and Chinese are closely related genetically, you are 99.6% pure East Asian.

  10. 中国人的血液相对来说比较纯的,周边边疆地区相对混杂,欧洲等地区那就更杂了,到处狂草! 哈哈

  11. Yerisico says:

    upload your results on wegene to get a more accurate east asian composition

  12. Usa Man says:

    You look like a strong Cute Han Chinese Princess, Greetings from Turkey:)

  13. You seem apprehensive about being majority Chinese. Aren't you proud of that?

  14. wow the ending was so inspiring iLY


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