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Hey guys! Todays video is a little different, but I wanted to share with you my husband and my DNA results! It was really fun to take this kit and I hope you like watching. I highly recommend doing these type of tests! I decided to try the MY HERITAGE DNA brand as it was on sale during the holidays.

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27 thoughts on “My DNA Results!!! (MY HERITAGE DNA KIT)

  1. Hey guys, thanks for watching! 🙂 If you have taken a DNA kit, what were your results!?

  2. missg says:

    Your husbands dna results were amazing.

  3. Nancy Reds says:

    Good video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry is 24Genetics https://24genetics.de/ with more than 400 regions. it is very specific and you can do it from 23andme raw data, hope it helps 🙂

  4. Finland is not scandinavian but finns are still kind of considered scandinavian??‍♀️

  5. Paul Dub says:

    whoa i never seen someone get such high central american 95.3%!! that has got to be a record

  6. Is your husband's family from Bolivia or Peru? I'm from Peru and had a pretty high Native American % too.

  7. dohaeng82 says:

    Finnish are not Scandinavian. East European are not German (R1b – Celtic, non Aryan Indo-European); East Europe: Poland, Czechs, Slovakia, Belorus, Russia, Ukraina and rest of Slavic countries (haplogroup R1a1, Aryan Indo-European)

  8. Wil liam says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations on your results

  9. Matxe9212 says:

    These are my results i am danish aswell (MyHeritage)
    Back story: 1 grandparent from Poland. A couple of greatgreat-grandparents from northern Germany. Rest is danish.
    63,1% scandinavian
    16,1% Nord/west european
    20,8% east european.

    So if you have 30% east europe you for sure have someone in your family tree from there. Cause i think i heard you say you were full danish?

  10. What!!!? guy is 0% european? something are not right…

  11. Amazonian that cool?

  12. Geez Giana says:

    THe Victoria secret pink shirt you have is so cute

  13. Cool results. That was fun to watch.

  14. Fer Alonso says:

    Katja Gutierrez? Gutierrez is a spanish surname…

  15. You had me cracking up! Great video.

  16. Katja, I love how excited you looked when you found out how exotic you look. That's admirable. OMG your husband's heritage is insanely cool but I must admit that when I saw him I was like he def has some black in him for sure. He has a distinct undertone. Overall so cool. I so would like to do one now. Thank you for sharing! ?

  17. Christian, your indigenous Amazonian roots sound so interesting. I am going to link two books I think you will find interesting.

  18. Katja, the Finnish and Hungarian languages are related so linguists speculate that the two groups are related in the distant past.

  19. Yasss your hair looks gorg!! I live the earrings too!!

  20. Angel Lee says:

    You're beautiful Katja! xo

  21. ThisIsJeff says:

    I've been wanting to do one of these tests for a while. I think some of the other more expensive ones give a lot more detail but this one looks pretty cool.

  22. Wow!! That’s sooooo cool! I loved seeing your reactions! Thank you for sharing ????????????

  23. Silah Mae says:

    this is sooo funny I saw this video because I have always been curious my own identity because I always get That feeling  that I am  mix of hispanic but I'm like from an Asian continent . lol .. love you're sweater ! Irish and Scottish? ? ?  ?  gave a like of course beautiful ! xoxo notification always on duh! and love ya boo. ?

  24. The way how Katja reacted and the way how I reacted is really how we behave throughout the whole day! A bit too crazy for some but we like to have fun haha 🙂

  25. Wow how exciting! Thanks for sharing. You've inspired me to have this testing done. It's so interesting to know or find out our background. Thanks guys.?

  26. You are so cute when your so excited! ? I want to do this soon!!!!! I know I'm hillbilly and Mexican so I'm waiting to know the full me 🙂

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