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My Heritage.com DNA Results Vs Ancestry DNA Results

My Heritage.com DNA Results Vs Ancestry DNA Results

I talk about the differences between my Ancestry DNA test results and the ones from My heritage.com

I was quite surprised to find out about different percentages and new information.

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15 thoughts on “My Heritage.com DNA Results Vs Ancestry DNA Results

  1. Norma says:

    Black and hispanic

  2. What people do not know is that native Americans or what we called in Spanish Ingigenas are decedents from Asians specially the Mongols. The Mongols conquered the Americans thousands of years ago but since the America did not mixed with other races as did the Easters and Middle Easterns, the Native Americans kept a lot of physical characteristics from the Asians. That's we see native Americans with Asian eyes.

  3. Haha it's funny because I'm Ukrainian and my eyes and face shape are very similar to yours. We look like we could be siblings. I just sent my DNA test in so it will be interesting 🙂

  4. Mexico is culturally, historically and linguistically more connected to Central America and it's people than to North English America. Why are you upset about this fact ? If you're going to talk about the genomic makeup of Mexicans you're going to have to talk about the indigenous populations of Mesoamerica, Azteca, Maya..etc. Also, I don't know if you're aware of the relative newness of MyHeritage DNA, the company only started doing these DNA estimates about a year and half ago (in Nov. 2016), and having a much smaller database than the other companies (around 1.2 million).

  5. My Heritage makes Latinos more Native American than they are at other Dna sites.

  6. this site is weird
    how come the people does not look like an ethnic group and they group them from that haplegroup?
    i got just about 55% european,while darker people than i..got higher about 72% i do not get it.something is not quite right
    you ve got more Iberian than i from brazil who looks very much latin/european.
    i got only 1.5% south american ..when i m south american and 28% central american
    18% italian 16% west / north european
    17% total african including 3% north african and 14% negros.
    i m gonna try other companies .

  7. obviously this is still imperfect science, as the two companies have quite different results

  8. Thanks for the video! I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics (www.24genetics.com) with more than 400 world regions. They are very reliable

  9. 100% white pie face!!?

  10. I like how you clarified Mexico being in North America. I'm disappointed about myheritagedna as well. No breakdown. I'm still excited about my results.

  11. I agree with the MyHeritage results not bing worth it I did the same thing you did. They recently “updated “ and I’m no longer related to some people that I was related to before and I’m still related to them on my Ancestry and on GEDmatch lol so they messed something up very badly ?

  12. Owl Eyes says:

    Um yea I had results really similar to yours in Ancestrydna, and I got to say that after exploring my family history, and learning about my DNA via Gedmatch, I conclude that AncestryDNA is more accurate. MyHeritage results have terrible reviews, and Have a weird grouping thing when it comes to “Central American DNA” which I have none of because I’m Bolivian, but still classifies me as Central American? In short don’t read into your MyHeritage results because they are inaccurate Ancestry is best if you want accurate ethnicity results. 23andme me is more expensive but if you want medical history details it can provide you that information.

  13. Midnight says:

    Hey, I don't know if I've been on your page before but try wegene it's completely free

  14. You answered your own question when you recognized that the central american category does not just consist only of amerindian descent, but rather a mix of amerindian, european, and african. That is why your african went down.. also why your european went down. Its all been grouped together as central american. That is why my heritage sucks!! Especially for latin americans.

  15. I never would have guessed that you were Mexican, haha. You're beautiful, though! :]

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