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My Heritage DNA (AfroLatina)

My Heritage DNA (AfroLatina)

Mixed female takes My Heritage DNA test and finds out where ancestors came from. Surprising results!


18 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA (AfroLatina)

  1. Boo, you do kno that Latin isn't a race right?

  2. Jose Seijo says:

    Another phony, culturally appropriating African, calling themselves a Latin!

  3. Ur not black avoid african americans who want and wish every one to be black ..if u want to be u …stay away from african americans its Easy ..white love minorities that acknowlege there white side ..too.

  4. artis says:

    Love your results. My results are:
    66% African (24% Cameroon/Congo, 20% Nigerian, 8% Senegal, 7% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 5% Benin/Togo, 2% Mali)

    23% European (6% Italian, 5% Europe West, 3% Finland/NW Russia, 3% British, 2% Europe East, 2% Irish/Scottish/Welsh, 1% Iberian, 1% Jewish)

    9% Western Asia (7% Middle Eastern, 2% Caucasus)

    2% Native American

  5. Meli ssa says:

    I took Family Tree DNA and I think their algorithms are similar to the ones used by My Hertiage. Your North and West Europe doesn't mean your ancestors are not from Spain. Before FTDNA updated their test, I had mostly Southern European but with the new version it became North and Western Europe. A lot of people of Iberian descent had the problem. My maternal great grandmother was of Northern Spanish descent, which may explain the new results.


  7. chilvari says:

    I'm still not sure about the accuracy of the percentages of the ethnic regions on MyHeritage. I'm also Afro-Latina and MyHeritage has me at 25% Iberian whereas Ancestry has me at 10% and FTDNA has me at 7%. As much as I would love to be 1/4 Iberian I just don't think it's accurate. Almost half of my European is British on both Ancestry and FTDNA whereas MyHeritage has me at 0% (but they do recognize Irish/Scottish/Welsh which is separate from British/English yet both lineages come from the same region. Even on Ancestry my British is separate from my Irish yet the same region is highlighted on the map). But anyway, MyHeritage did get my overall African, European & Native percentages right when compared to Ancestry and FTDNA (I'm 65-66% Black, 31-33% White and 1-2% Indigenous…MyHeritage has me at 62.9% vs. 34.2% vs. 2.9%).

  8. Looks to me like your black and European just born in a Latin county

  9. Ahman Ahm says:

    That's a lot of EUROPEAN

  10. ??? this video is so delusional duh girl you are black…..hahaha she said middle eastern like really 2%? just like any other black person. Most African Americans are mixed with Europeans for great britian just like afro Latinos are mixed on average with Europeans from Spain same shyt different boat

  11. I used my heritage too: Turns out I'm 77% African (Sierra Leone and Nigerian). 5% Iberian, 3% Italian, 2% Eastern European and 13% Scottish. People always think I'm mixed race because I have long wavy hair and light brown skin. Just goes to show that even non mixed race people can look mixed

  12. lol she called her self european because my heritage told her so looooool

  13. Nena Wo41 says:

    You do realize that most African Americans are mixed also… You could have picked up some European from your mother and some African from your father….

  14. Juice says:

    Are you haitian decedended because you got french/Germany

  15. Myheritage is not accurate. 23andme and Ancestry DNA!

  16. My test is taking longer than the latest it was expected. I can't wait to see my results. You have a really lot of different areas. Wonderful!!!!!!!! Thank you for uploading your video. I got all that stuff from people saying about my skin colour. I had the same thing of thinking I was stole. I never found out about my bio dad until I was 19. My dad who raised me was Pakistani. I was total white Irish and never doubted my dad was my dad until my mother told me. I cried a lot over that. It all made sense why I was not slightly brown like my sister and have her features. So this will make me feel better about myself because I was made to feel a loser my whole life. It goes deep. This result can be a proverbial two fingers up at all my haters. I will finally know myself in my own right. Sorry in advance for the long post, but I am so grateful for your video. Thank you again, millions.

  17. Middle East came from your iberian peninsula heritage

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