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My Heritage DNA Kit Results

My Heritage DNA Kit Results

After realising that I wasn’t´t too aware of my ancestry, I decided to get a DNA kit for MyHeritage.

Following this, I learned quite a lot about my family´s past.


27 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Kit Results

  1. sarah s. says:

    I am too afraid doing such a DNA Test…

  2. So as promised my heritage DNA results. I am 63% Scandinavian and 37 % English! Which to me was so strange since all my family was born in the Netherlands as far as I can go back. I was quite disappointed since I had hoped for some exotic blood from my mums side…………which could be still possible but in order for me to find that I have to test her. I called Myheritage and they told me that she could be lets say 20% Spanish but I just did not take that DNA from her. So yeah thats it Im basicly a Viking LOL

  3. WFT half of the middle east and then still Jewish and you look like if you were 100% English 😀 Thats crazy

  4. that is the most shocking DNA result i've ever heard. i was far, far, far, from getting it right. lmao. now, i'm really having second thoughts about doing mine. i mean, is this for real???

  5. I have 16.8% West Asian, 12.8% Mizrahi Jewish/ Iranian Iraqi too and our skin tone eye and hair colour matches! I thought that I don’t really look Iranian/ middle eastern but my opinion changed after watching your video hahah(check my video on my channel if you want) ☺️

  6. So happy for you Kamran! Can’t wait to get my results. I ordered one for an adopted friend as a Christmas gift. He’s 70 and has wondered all these years — now he will finally have answers. Have a great day!

  7. Angel Lee says:

    You talk like an Iranian guy do 😛

  8. So cool and how much is it to make this test? would it change the results between siblings?

  9. John Smith says:

    You don't look one bit middle eastern that's so weird

  10. Wow I would have never guessed looking at you! You look very European! Going to order myheritage DNA test now as they have a very good deal ( blackfriday). I am so curious to find out my results in a few weeks!

  11. I can diff see the Persian in you e.g.. your sharp features like the eyebrows, eye shape and strong prominent nose. Good looking dude.

  12. I find it sooooooo fascinating that you look European but are more Asian. I love genetics.

  13. is not it the time to move to Israel?

  14. Yadora says:

    I recently took a DNA test from MyHeritage. I am excitedly awaiting my results.

  15. Day23J1k says:

    you should do gedmatch it very interesting

  16. Love the video! It's so interesting to see where our ancestors really came from. I've been told all my life that I am basically from Iran, born in Norway, but a little bit from Europe some place because of my grandfather was a lot more lighter then the average Persian. I took the test and to my surprise it shows that I'm only half Persian, and a little bit of everything else. Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Indian, North African, Nigerian and Native American from the Mayan tribe. My whole family was also surprised, it was not expected at all. It shows that you will never really know what will show in your DNA. ?

  17. AlexMoby says:

    There is a promotion currently in order to get a Myheritage DNA kit. I am quite interested to get one. As a French, I think it's possible I have some Iberian and Scandinavian blood flowing in my veins. Perhaps a little bit of Arabic blood as well. Thanks for this vid. It seems your family has a very interesting background.

  18. Try with Ancestry.com and 23andme.com You'll get different results.

  19. The Irish scottish and welsh component is bullshit, overestimating for everyone, also South Asian includes Baloch people which is an Iranian ethnic group

  20. Nikan says:

    Nice video as always
    The dna test is crazy ?
    Im sure im 100% iranian
    I know im late ( i found a job and it kept me busy ☺) but i want to thank you for the "truth about iran" video
    I have alot of friends worldwide now i can show them how iran actually is.
    If you want to know how iran is now ,well it got some changes but the thing that haven't changed is kindness 🙂

  21. Welsh Toro says:

    Nice one Kam. Well, your a Welshman, there you have it. I new it. I told you before that Wales and Spain is a perfect fit. I'd like to do one of these tests because my knowledge of my family history is quite awful. I know nothing beyond my grandparents apart from being related to Benjamin Disraeli in some fashion.

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