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My Heritage DNA Results

My Heritage DNA Results

Sorry I took so long to upload it. I’m in college and life happened.


16 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results

  1. A Johnson says:

    African American and european? African-american is not a dna/gene, it didn't come up that you were AA did it? No, it came up african countries.

  2. your beautiful women. you are a Nigerian princess. your boyfriend or husband is nice looking to. I'm Italian scillian I think k my grandfather was from Argentina. my daughter is black and whatever I am. thanks for the video

  3. They say this DNA test are not true most Americans blacks are of Indian decent and African .

  4. This woman looks like a stinky toilet

  5. Chéri Sue says:

    They only test your dads side though when they do the genetic test from what I heard. You would get more accurate result if you had a brother, can't remember the reason why though but apparently men get both the mothers side and fathers side

  6. What were the percentages? I'm Sierra Leonean so I could see that. You can upload your raw DNA and get more results for free from Gedmatch, Family tree DNA, and Gencove.

  7. Y’all should look up Zee way on YouTube

  8. Who in the heck would give this video a thumbs down after reading results to a DNA test? LOL

  9. wayndell says:

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  10. your african percentage is high for a african american…but i did guess you to be at 94% …also i dont think you can claim european with that low of a percentage lol

  11. Ta ha says:

    How old is he ?

  12. I had to watch again, because Kevin is hilarious! He washed his hair, its not dirty. LOL

  13. irish ,german you say.I doubt it.You look british to me.

  14. Also try another. Testing company like family tree DNA

  15. gameboss4 says:

    Great video. Happy to see you to again. Who the hell have the video a thumbs down? Loser

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