1. God Driven says:

    Cool Results .. Yay ! Im 91.6 % AFRICAN 
    Nigerian 56.3 %.
    Sierra Leonean 22.7%
    West African 1.0%
    Kenyan 4.3%
    Ethiopian 2.8%
    Egyptian 4.5%

    Euro 6.4%
    Native America 2%


  3. Its probably from the Swahili Coast

  4. Many Finns have DNA matches with Yakuts who lived ~ 7 000 km east from Finland, in Siberia. The secret is of course same Y-DNA haplo group N. It has 60% share in Finland, 75% share among Yakuts but less than 1% in all other non-Finno-Ugric European country.

  5. 444suse says:

    Mixing doesn't mean necessary "raping". In Michigan Finns married Ojibwe tribe women and lived with them as real families in late 19th century and during first half of 20th century.

  6. Great Video. I took my DNA Test four years ago with ancestry. com

  7. It seems like a lot of African Americans have East African DNA as well. Check it out.

  8. Slavery.. Maybe a inuit halfbreed took a black wife since he could that but could not get a white wife and i belive the natives dont looked so great on a halfbreed either.

  9. Thanks for posting your results. I urge you to do more research because you will find out who you are. Talk to people offline and discover more.

  10. Love you’re vibe and you’re hair is awesome. Great video 🙂

  11. krysdekel says:

    Yaaaas for this DNA song! Lol

  12. I'd say AncestryDNA is probably the best for West Africans to take, and Western Europeans. They tend have to the most categories where for for other groups – like Middle Easterns or West Asians – they get broud categories. Same with East Europeans and East Asians..

    I think 23andme is probably the best for East Africans. So, was your European category actually north and west Europeans? Because I think on my Heritage that usually encompasses Franch, Germany, the Netherlands ect. I could be wrong – but they have a separate Scandinavian category and when I did my Heritage DNA I got English as a separate category, with Irish/Scottish/Welsh as another separate category.

  13. Arab slave trade perhaps? Arabs had European slaves ..

  14. Gaj says:

    Go back far enough and we're all African.

  15. Thanks for sharing your results. By the way, the country called Nigeria is a modern day creation of the European imperial powers. Nigeria came into existence in the 1880s when the European imperialists divided Africa like a pie. None of your ancestors' called themselves Nigerians. These ancestry DNA tests are misleading. My heritage DNA and others can't even tell you whether your alleles match people who are Igo, Fang, Hausa, Fulani etc. The "real" names of Africans. In any event, you have to take the results with a grain of salt. Furthermore, My Heritage DNA is probably the worse testing company, at least in my experience and knowing my family's ancestry via oral history.

  16. MyHeritage says:

    Hi, My name's Esther from MyHeritage.

    We loved your video! We wanted to know if we could have permission to use some short clips from the video for a video about MyHeritage DNA.

    Please let us know.
    Esther (esther@myheritage.com)

  17. ocean man says:

    I'm fully Somali myself and I'm quite interested as to how you got the Somali DNA. Nice results though.

  18. Wim V says:

    Slaves were bought from African kings, who got very rich from selling  prisoners of war… fighting other kings, and from Arabs/Somali…so no wonder  you have east African dna,  Arab  gangs  were badly into slaving.   Inuit DNA….Inuit worked on whaling boats… as sailors…and had shore leave too…, not all "White" people were  rapist by the way, for instance…Dutch traders in Ghana  had  african wives, there are still families  with Dutch names  living in Akra, Ghana…  Slavery was not  a "white" thing…it was all over there is still slavery in places like Sudan, and Senegal…hidden, but  present… Racism is bad…and has  no skin colour…

  19. Some people in the African diaspora have East African DNA(it's rare but it happens) because when the slave trade became illegal in the diaspora the Arab slave trade continued and was legal. The slave traders in America got their slaves from this illegal slavery system.

  20. blurawker says:

    in trinidad they do mix

  21. You cannot be both east and west African because they didn't mix with each other

  22. mohd saeed says:

    I knew you're Nigerian even before you reveal it all, I'm sudanese but Nigerian originally

  23. Good video, but no point of turning your computer screen over at the camera. We can't read it.

  24. What are your new results since the update? For those who did samples like yourself (they didn't come out with raw data ethnicity results until around two weeks ago), they have a default "0.9 beta" confidence which is the same results as before, but you can now change it to "0.95 beta" confidence and see updated results.

  25. Cherry P says:

    I'm noticing that almost 90% of Black people who take these DNA test are from West Africa. Most obviously it's because that's where most of the slaves were taken. I'm currently waiting on my results from My Heritage DNA. I'm assuming Majority my heritage will be West African as well. Should be interesting. I'll keep you guys posted

  26. Allie S says:

    23 and Me is better. Not only do they do your autosomal DNA; they also do your maternal DNA which gives you a more accurate picture overall. They also tell you your haplogroup.

  27. J. Matiyas says:

    As a couple other commenters pointed out, the Inuit result is mostly likely Carib/Taino. thats their closest match in the company's database. I'm also from Trinidad. I also got a low percentage of East African from ancestrydna. I think it was an indirect ancestry, like a west or central african slaves who had a bit of east african ancestry in them, because slaves were not taken directly from east african regions in the atlantic slave trade.

  28. you are super pretty! but omg. i paused the video at 1:37 and that baby doll in the back was creeping the heck out of me! LOL!

  29. 76% African-69% West African 22% European 1% Asian

  30. slanted eyes aren't a Asian feature Asians come from Africans and Africans are the most diverse ppl in the world with all features eye color hair color and texture and skin color

  31. The Native isn't Inuit. It's Carib. That's most likely on your mom's side because the Carib community in Trinidad is centered in Arima.

  32. Midnight says:

    Hey, this chart is getting a workout lol.

    1.3333% (1/75) = You
    3.25% (1/32) = Parent
    6.25% (1/16) = Grand Parent
    12.5% (1/8) = Great-Grand Parent
    25% (1/4) = 2X Great-Grand Parent
    50% (1/2) = 3x Great-Grand Parent
    100% 4X Great Grand Parent

  33. my heritage is a terrible DNA company. I highly recommend doing ancestry DNA. I have done both. I was highly disappointed on how my heritage goes about they're testing. I see why it's so cheap. hope you get your real results nd answers much love ✊?

  34. Congrats on your results! I downloaded my raw dna file from ancestry to ged match and dna.land. it shows that I have ancestors from all over africa, north south east west and central. And i have ancestors from asia, australia, oceanian or melanesia, the middle east and pakistan, europe and the americas (native) . People migrated so thats why you have somolia. How much was the test on heritage?

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