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  1. Jews were always in the Land of Israel. These are the results of the Middle East. The Jews lived in Spain until Christians expelled them from there. It's Iberia Peninzilla. And what remains at the end is an Ashkenazi Jew. It's Europe.

  2. I am sure that you did not know how to indicate iberia on a map, and what countries formed the old iberia. And most Americans do not know that most of the USA was Spanish territory, normal for Americans to have blood from iberia or from Spain.

  3. John Gold says:

    It could be that the test is very inaccurate. This particular one has a record of bizarre results (no German for your husband, for instance). Ancestry DNA should be more accurate. Its results likely will match your and your husband's genealogical research.

  4. Upload your results for FREE to gedmatch, dnaland and wegene to get more information. Remember people migrated and traveled in the past. So, keep that in mind when thinking about how groups met up and mated.

  5. The middle eastern could come from the Iberian peninsula with the moors being there and Ashkenazi Jewish as well. Jews were also in spain not surprising if you read the history of the regions.

  6. nancysrios says:

    You can’t have the exact readings as your siblings unless you are twins.

  7. Adam Sahr says:

    That Ashkenazi component is a fraud… If Jews are a minority in Europe, how come every second European has European Jewish heritage?! The people who established the rules for interpreting the results knew exactly what they were doing… The want every European to feel somewhat Jewish, enough to sympathize with the Jewish holocaust BS, but not enough to claim outright Jewishness and undermine the myths.

  8. Tyla-Rose says:

    im worried that ill pay for it and literally get 100% europe 100% british and irish xD

  9. I think either these tests aren't very accurate or you and your sister aren't your father's biological daughters. You're 79% British, she's 87% British and he's only 22%? That doesn't add up even if the mother was 100% British.
    There was probably a misinterpretation of the results by the company who provided the service. I would e-mail them and check if they haven't made any mistake.

  10. Bard Gj says:

    Your father has a Spanish/Jew ancestor. That's where middle eastern comes

  11. Germany is in west Europe duh!

  12. Wim V says:

    American…the only real Americans are Inuit and Indians…  all other "Americans" came from elsewhere..  ..  as in Europe, Africa, Asia, The Pacific..

  13. Wim V says:

    Ashkenazi…= non Spanish north-western European Jews…     (Sephardi are the Spanish Jewish people…) Germany is western European,  and north Germany  is more  Scandinavian the more you move to Denmark..  so  Scandinavian and western Europe can both be German, as can the  Ashkenazi . Sardinia is an island in the med…   with a very ancient dna …just read about the Utzi the iceman…

  14. The German and middle eastern is likely the Jewish.

  15. Umm, don't they teach geography and history in the US? The sheer ignorance of what seem to be otherwise intelligent people is astounding. And it's a similar issue in most DNA results videos from the US that I have watched. Just incredible.

  16. "Holy shit! We're black?"

  17. mikrokupu says:

    North Americans have more fun with these tests, so much variation. European ancestry DNA results are more predictable, my test result was 98% Finnish… 😉

  18. One more thing, apparently in Germany it is illegal to do DNA testing. It is outlawed for historical reasons. So, that may be why there is no German results. I think the population size in these tests that the commercial Genealogy sites are using is relatively small. I just signed up for the National Geographic Geno 2.0 test which is actually scientific and will contribute to the research. So far the different Admixture Utilities I have tried on Gedmatch are consistent. The geno groups don't vary much, only the percentages. I still get the same ones. Slavic, Southern Europe, Northern Africa and Amerindian 🙂

  19. John Smith says:

    The dad is over a quarter Spanish/Portuguese, then one daughter is nearly an eight Italian and the other daughter is only one percent Italian

  20. Don't be too surprised. Actually your father got Iberian (Spain) and your sister Italian. Both groups are very close. I am from South America and considered white. From MyHeritage I got 60% European, 34% Central American and 6% others. Actually, I uploaded the results onto GedMatch which is free, but somewhat of a public DNA Genealogy research site. There, you can do all kinds of tests on your DNA results which are fascinating. Using the Eurogenes kit 13 I got a higher European of 73.6 % and lower Amerindian 21.5% and others 5%. The nice feature of GedMatch is that you can do a lot of research and they also predict eye color, but remember it is open source so not too sure how confidential it is.

  21. Kristin R says:

    With your father having DNA from the Iberian peninsula this is likely where much of your Ashkenazi and Sephardi jewish ancestry comes from. There was a very large population of jewish people's living in and around the Spanish/Portuguese Peninsula. Then in the late 1300s through the beginning of the 1500s Jews were persecuted during the Spanish Inquisition by orders of the very Catholic Monarchs. Many Jews opted to embrace Catholicism to not be persecuted or exiled (some still practiced Judaism in secret). Many left to Northern Africa such as Morocco, other regions of Europe such as Italy, France, England, Germany, etc. Jewish life started returning to the Iberian peninsula around 1858 onwards. So it is likely your German ancestors were Jewish people who long ago fled persecution and/or converted to christianity, and through the years married non-jewish people's. Hope that gives a little possible historical background on your DNA results, if you watch other videos of people on youtube many are surprised to see the Ashkenazi jewish pop up, but it isn't all that surprising due to historical events in Europe.

  22. Why does everyone want to be Scandinavian. I would rather be North West European. Which I am. Lol.

  23. puncheex2 says:

    The reason you don't see German is because that is a political description, not a population group, which is the what the west European is telling you. In some places like Italy the nation loosely fits the population group there. Another group is "Iberia peninsula"; it cannot tell Spanish from Portuguese, and it cannot well tell Irish from English. Scandanavian is Fin-Swede-Norse-Dane, not German. Ashkenazi Jew is the Jews of East Europe (Germany-Poland-Rumania-russia etc).

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