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My Heritage Dna Results (Greek)

My Heritage Dna Results (Greek)

56.6% Greek 38% Italian 2.5% West Asian 1.5% North African 1.4% Iberian
100% Mediterranean


22 thoughts on “My Heritage Dna Results (Greek)

  1. Greco Roman Baby thats how u gotta be!

  2. dude from turkey my city riza 😀 66.2%greek . 15.2% italian. 11.4% west asian . 4% ashkenazi jewish. 3.2% baltic 😀 im muslim greek boy

  3. Άμα σκεφτούμε ότι οι Ιταλοί και οι Έλληνες έχουν ίδιο DNA, αυτόματα είσαι ΠΟΛΥ Έλληνας. Εύγε! 🙂 (κοίτα να βρεις Ελληνίδα γυναίκα να κάνετε πολλά Ελληνόπουλα. όχι ότι άμα βρεις γυναίκα άλλης εθνικότητας και είναι καλή να μην την πάρεις, έτσι; να το πάρεις το κορίτσι άμα είναι καλό)

  4. 2.0 Turks Edit "Ottoman Empire" ?

  5. mado says:

    Πόσο κοστίζει το τεστ και από πού το παραγγέλνεις;

  6. Nice ! Check out my results on my channel !

  7. Barnaby says:

    I am Turk from Trapezounta (My ancestors are Pontian Greeks)
    My 24Genetics Results
    32,90 % Black Sea (Pontian Greek)
    1,80 % Central Anatolia (Cappadocian Greek)
    0,20 % Istanbul (Constantinople, Byzantium Greek)
    0,20 % East Thrace (Byzantium Greek)
    0,10 % Marmara (Byzantium Greek)
    2,65 % Greece (mostly Islands, 1,80 % Kalymnos)
    0,25 % Cyprus
    0,10 % Ukraine/Mariupol City (Azov Greek)

  8. Asian Africa πως; τι φάση;

  9. Mo mo says:

    I am Turkish and I got
    %35 Greek
    %22 West Asian
    %13 Central Asian
    %8 Italian
    %6 Middle Eastern
    %5 Iberian
    %4 Ashkenazi Jewish
    %2 Eastern Europe
    %1 Balkan
    %1 Japanese
    %1 South Asian
    %1 Finnish
    %1 English

  10. I just got my results and I am 87%Greek, 10%Balkan and 3%Irish
    I mean…..Irish ????
    How ????

  11. Im algerian but the music for north africa wtf ? i dont understand this language and its not traditional music of mine ,north african music folk its like that https://youtu.be/bjJtZSZJjGA

  12. Your Greek, but have 2.5% West Asian(Georgian/Armenian/Ossetian), and 1.5% North African(Tamazight/Berber). You have 4% of Non-European admixture in your ancestry.

  13. G D says:

    Ούνα ράτσα ούνα φάτσα

  14. Sheldam says:

    Hey man! I am Italian (from Sardinia 53,6% dna) and you have more Italian dna than me! I have 0% Italian dna and 27.9 Greek! Lol That's very true: una faccia una razza – one face one race!

  15. A child of the Roman empire!

  16. are you mad that you are north african and west asian which is islamic?

  17. Mediterean 100%. Nice

  18. Iran & Afghanistan are central asia. The music of West-Asia & North -Africa isn't correct.

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