Home DNA AncestorMy Heritage DNA results (I have a moroccan background)
My Heritage DNA results (I have a moroccan background)

My Heritage DNA results (I have a moroccan background)

My ethnicity estimate:

Africa: 75%
– North African (Amazigh): 66,4% (Including Greek und Sicilian)
– West African: 7,5%
– Nigerian: 2,0%

Europe: 12,7%
-Iberian: 9,8%
-German (Ashkenazi Jewish): 2,9%

Asia: 11,4%
-Middle Eastern: 11,4%

Next month I will try Ancestry DNA 🙂 or 23andme!

Thank u!


13 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA results (I have a moroccan background)

  1. pelase no afrikan please no afrikan

  2. Jop Westra says:

    Ashkenazi jewish is not german, but its so cool that you have some jewish in you! Be proud of it ?

  3. nab dab says:

    Whats the name of the music tho?

  4. Ashkenazim DNA is not German DNA. Sephardi Jews moved from the Mediterranean to central and northern Europe to escape the Inquisition. Sephardi Jews have been North Africa for nearly 2000 years that seems account for your 2.9%.

  5. Can you please tell me what your DNA Haplogroup is? If you can include a few numerical markers that would be helpful too.

  6. I got 5% North Africa! Nice results man.

  7. So you mostly berber!! From which amazigh tribe are u

  8. North African not mean that you are berber there have been thousands of nations living in North Africa and The most important of him are Pharaohs , Why do not you consider yourself pharapni ?

  9. from what middle eastern country are you?

  10. truth 90 says:

    Joseph staph great results; myheritage breakdowns your very recent ethnic admixture; so if you break down the percentages you were given from myheritage you'll have more middle eastern, ssa, and european; myheritage seems very recent in terms of its geogrophical boundries but if you check gedmatch and ancestrydna they'll give insight into your root as a whole

  11. where is the greek ancestry? Greece is in Europe.

  12. Imti H. says:

    Interesting… can you upload your raw data to Dnaland, wegene and gedmatch or it's not compatible?

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