Home DNA AncestorMy Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #3 Finnish/Suomi.
My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #3 Finnish/Suomi.

My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #3 Finnish/Suomi.

My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #3 Finnish/Suomi.

This How To video reveals my DNA results in the form of a series of doll repaints which will depict the different ethnicities of my DNA makeup. This video, part three in the series, reveals my Finnish heritage. I have also dressed her in Finnish National Costume.

One more video follows which will reveal the last of my ethnicity estimate. This video is NOT sponsored by MYHeritage DNA.


“Dubme” An upbeat reggae tune written for me and performed by my talented brother Dean Walker.

“Village Consort” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

“Gallway” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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42 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Results Revealed as Doll Repaint Series – #3 Finnish/Suomi.

  1. Omg! I’m shook! First time I hear (in youtube) that someone has finnish in their dna!! (P.s I’m finnish) and I love your videos?? oh and greetings from Helsinki??

  2. I'm so happy that you are 3%Finnish ❤??

  3. Lappland is in sweden??

  4. I loved this doll!! I have never seen anyone focus on a finnish part of their ancestry or such. I must say as a person who has gained a lot of knowledge about Finland (I have a very finnish friend) that the only thing that I would change is that finnish people’s eyes are actually quite small, like having monolids. It’s quite interesting to me why they have monolids in Europe, but I know that they aren’t people that have very wide eyes. But other than that I love this doll! Very realistic and you took all the details into consideration when making into the doll. I love it!!!!

  5. I am a new subscriber and I must say I fell in love with you and your works immediately! I love how you talk about your mom a lot, she must be a very beautiful person inside and out. And out of curiosity, do you glue the roots of the wig inside too as most other doll artists here on YT and do you glue it back together (as for what I've watched, I noticed they were sliced open)? I love your background music too, it's not too overpowering vs your voice over and it's really catchy and soothing too. ^_^

  6. Arellica says:

    I think I’m going to do this idea with my dna, except with trendy outfits inspired by the country.

  7. Arellica says:

    Why do you cut open the scalps? I’ve noticed this in the past videos I’ve watched

  8. Fabulous, as always 🙂

  9. Wow! Being Finnish as well this is so this is amazing! Keep it up!

  10. I am loving all of these dolls! And the details on their clothes are exquisite ?

  11. J SN says:

    Fun fact: there are like, zero native scottish people, the Scandinavians/nordics took over that land and now it's mostly nordics and the like. I was shocked when i found to be 24% swedish rather than scottish lol. If i drew(not a doll maker) all my ancestry like you did, it would be/look so boring :,))

  12. O-O i wasnt expecting the peoples in my country to look like that as a doll. But its amazing still!! ^^

  13. Love Debby says:

    Awww she's so bloody adorable she kinda reminds me of Ryn from siren

  14. Don't worry, it isn't always cold here, not everywhere at least. Finland is over a thousand kilometers tall from south to north, and the weather is very different in different parts of the country. For example, I grew up in Oulu, which, if you think of Finland as being the shape of a one-armed woman, is near the waist: Oulu is somewhat above halfway on the north-south line and on the coast. The winters there get cold, and very snowy, as in, thirty cm/ten inches of snow is business as usual in winter, and the all-time snow depth record is ninety-two cm, or thirty-six inches! Compare that to Turku, where I live now: Turku is also a coastal city, but it locates some 500 km more south: the all-time snow record is almost 30 cm lower, and every third or so winter actually has a musta joulu , black Christmas , meaning it either hasn't snowed or it has all melted by Christmas, and thus, the ground is "black". My dad was from Oulu, while my mom was from a small town near Turku, and dad was really surprised when they visited mom's parents for Christmas and it ended up being a musta joulu , first for him, as it has never happened in Oulu to my knowledge. So, tldr: if you want to avoid the cold/snow in Finland, stay to the south/southwest coast, or travel to the north in summer (remember mosquito spray!).

  15. She turned out so beautiful! As a Finn myself it was magical to see her come to life. You nailed it! (Also don't worry it's not always cold here, on summers we do get warmth)

  16. CaylaD says:

    Your face-ups are impeccable

  17. Lab Rat says:

    What eyelashes do you use? They’re gorgeous!

  18. Cristie B says:

    I have to say I absolutely love this series you are doing on your DNA it's wonderful… the dolls you create are so stunning and uniquely beautiful I love them … as always I can't wait to see what you will do next it's always something unexpected and truly wonderful… your videos always make me smile… Keep up the lovely work it is greatly appreciated … bye for now 😀

  19. Beautiful can't wait to see what's next!

  20. Finland is 80% blonde, though…

  21. Also love from #OOAKDMCC saw your post on Instagram and I just want you to not give up! I’ve alerted my group to your sadness and want you to know we’re all behind you and we love you ?

  22. I just got my DNA done and my results were pretty cool but also kind of disappointing. I’d been told I had a substantial amount of Native American (Specifically Cherokee) in my ancestors. Well it didn’t show up at all! But this is such a great idea!

  23. Thank you for making this series! I’ve loved watching all of them, and I think it’s a beautiful way to honor your foremothers. I don’t think I’ve seen anything that has inspired me to want to make dolls of my own! 😀

  24. greetings from yet another person from Suomi 🙂 great series, i like especially how you made them wear their respective national costume-esk like clothes and how you made their hair & face, awesome

  25. anybody else notice that she might be using UNDERWEAR to hold the dolls hair back I died when I saw that love u walkercolors

  26. I love your videos❤️❤️❤️ and I am from Finland

  27. Raphael xD says:

    Pls do an Austrian girl ??❤️

  28. i’ve never taken a dna test, but i do know that i’m german, russian, french, and scandinavian. basically, white as all getout (which is true)

  29. HappyG says:

    I would love to see something like this for my heritage, my family came to Australia as refugees escaping anti-semitism in Russia, and Russian Jews are ethnically very different to people's perception of Russian beauty as they were genetically quite separated due to the discrimination of the time.

    It's AMAZING just how much heritage shapes who you are and how you look, I used to feel self-conscious about my features, but I wouldn't change anything because I know the history and struggles that shaped who I am today!

  30. I enjoy watching you work, especially how you chat while doing so as though you and the audience are old friends, it's quite endearing.

  31. You did a magnificent job on her eyes, they look practically glassy even though it's a matte medium.
    I've never heard of chain-stitching before! You always teach interesting things in your videos, I love watching your channel and having the privilege of glimpsing into your life and family history. Finnish is totally unexpected, and it's really amazing that you don't have any english or spanish blood- I almost want to congratulate you? Very interesting stuff!

  32. She's so beautiful! And a lot like what I have in mind for an Astrid viking (from How To Train Your Dragon) doll I wanna make! I can't wait to see number 4! And now I am even more curious about my Heritage DNA results!

  33. She looks beautiful!!! Awesome video!!!

  34. Lucy Reyes says:

    Wowww you're amazing!!!

  35. Pippa May says:

    Another great doll in this series!
    It's always an interesting experience when something unexpected pops up in your genetic history. My mom did not expect to see a large percentage of Russian in my grandfather's Heritage DNA results, but it's cast a lot of light on some of our medical history.

  36. you're related to Santa Claus? maybe that's why you're so good in the dolls' stuff! 😀

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