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*CORRECTION: Brazilian is not a ‘race’ but are very mixed in terms of their racial ancestry, so yes that explains why I would not see ‘Brazilian’ come up on my DNA results, in the same way I wouldn’t see Jamaican come up… both groups are a racial mixture. The slaves brought through the Atlantic clave trade were from West Africa and I am part West African. The majority of Brazilians do not equate their nationality with their ethnicity.

Also, Finland (my honest mistake) is NOT a part of scandinavia.

I am so excited to share my DNA TESt RESULTS with you!!!!

There is no scientific validity to this dangerous and pervasive notion of race and so we must look deep within ourselves to challenge those deeply programmed ideas that we are somehow separate.
We constantly see ourselves as different, rather than appreciating the diversity in the human species and this can have massive consequences to our behaviour and institutional policies.

Scientific research suggests that the vast majority of people are highly aware- consciously or unconsciously- of racial differences and, wether we want it to or not, this plays a key role in empathy.
Think about this. We are all one species, yet we have allowed stereotypes and prejudices to come in the way of the connectedness between us. We need to make it a priority to search within ourselves the false ideas that we hold- consciously or subconsciously- and rectify these false ideas to match truth. No one is perfect and there is a lot of influence in the media that projects separateness in order to keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Think about it!!

World famous Scientist Bill Nye said “There is no such thing as race. There’s different tribes but not different races. We are all one species.”

separateness is a illusion constructed to keep us in the mindset of divide and conquer.
My reason in getting this DNA test done was simply to find out more abut myself, not in limitation or to define me but simply on my journey of self discovery.

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31 thoughts on “MY HERITAGE DNA RESULTS!! (UK born Jamaican)

  1. Beautiful woman. You have a good mix, what are you disappointed about? You said you were a little disappointed

  2. Wow, I was expecting a bit more South Asian (India,Pakistan,Bangladesh) but interesting nonetheless

  3. Miss Relax says:

    I think you look mixed race anyways. Interesting results.

  4. Unfortunately it isn't that simple, racism won't just vanish because people find out that they are made up of many different types of people. Just look at Brazil for example alot of people know that they are mixed yet racism and colourism is rife over there.

  5. nltcraze says:

    sigh. race is soooo dumb. you look like many african americans today who have mixed dna and dont even know it…

  6. Hey wanna be cool witch…

  7. You're really beautiful i love your style ? ? ?

  8. You are so pretty regardless of your so-called 'race'. You are more than your physical beauty, you overflow with love and have so much light to bring to the world Amy-Letitia.

  9. So when you say Jamaican you mean black right because over there in Jamaica they got white they got Asian they got Indian

  10. J 2 says:

    You probably are part Brazillian but that Brazillian relative was probably of African or European descent and had no American dna

  11. Simon says:

    Hey how d u sent the envelope from uk to usa? royal mail just refuse to send my dna test .

  12. Some Mexicans were shipped to the Philippines back at that time, so they mixed in with Chinese and some phillipenos were shipped to Mexico.

  13. Respect from Cameroon

  14. OLVR... says:

    Wow amazing vid! What is the song playing in the background? @amy-letitia

  15. Browning girl in Jamaica!

  16. dilara says:

    I’m Turkish and welcome you to our geo group 🙂

  17. She aint us (black) good grief.

  18. John NY says:

    Thanks for sharing. As others have said, you're so pretty and I love your voice.

  19. Mo Minor says:

    I guess i font see mixed i see a cute nlack lady

  20. You have the most lovely accent . Just a beautiful voice

  21. hetrodoxly says:

    The scottish, Welsh and Irish could all come from England.

  22. Tahnn Ju says:

    Kool results. I think your features are very west african in origin many nigerians have your skin colour even though you do look mixed also and you could also be seen as a light skinned person of african decent. But was a little confused as the caribbean region or jamaica doesnt show up as an area of your heritage. I know that a lot of africans will say they are from jamaica when in actual fact they have no links to the caribbean. Normally on the dna tests if you have caribbean ancestry it would show up on the map. If you have 46.3% nigerian dna which is very strong on your map then most likely your parent was atleast 90% nigerian not jamaican or caribbean because its very rare for a Caribbean or jamaican person to have east african and an extremely high total nearing 50% of one african region. Very interesting results cant wait to do mine. Also to dispel racism people cant keep referring to themselves as black brown yellow white etc. Because most afro people are brown skinned anyway not black skinned. People should either identify as being of african caribbean asian or European decent…. skin colour and shade means nothing.

  23. I knew you had African in your blood by your features! And Black is not the only way too identify a "black" person, many "black" people are brown and way lighter than you, black people come in the most shades on earth! Africans are beautiful and have many different features. Amazing!

  24. jamchris98 says:

    so what's the reason for the excessive makeup? is that because of your spiritual side?

  25. R S says:

    Not surprised about you having some much of Nigeria in you. Slaves from Nigeria were brought to Jamaica

  26. You look mixed European, West Eurasian, SubSaharan & Asian.

  27. Genetically race doesn't exist but there are visible differences that some may use to remove themselves from others so even if you don't create difference doesn't mean other won't.

  28. I could listen to you talk forever

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