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My Heritage DNA Test Results

My Heritage DNA Test Results

Hey Ya’ll!!! It is your girl Missy coming back at you again with a very interesting video to share. I decided that I wanted to test out the My Heritage DNA kit to see what my DNA was comprised of, and needless to say, I got a little more than I bargained for!!! If you want to test your DNA here is the link to My Heritage DNA


Thank you so much for watching and until next time… see ya! xoxox


24 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Test Results

  1. A M says:

    I'm not surprised, you look very Egyptian to me and those genes are strong

  2. why do they use two swabs and not just one? To make sure that if a swab is lost or broken there is another one? Thanks

  3. I made that test and I'll send it back today from Europe to the states. I am pretty sure that I am highly percentaged Balkan Europian. But if there is 1% at least only 1% african blood, i'd use the N word safe!


  5. Awesome. My Mom has Northern African, I did not get any, only East African and Subsaharan. She also got Iberian Peninsula, I got mostly Eastern European and Northwest Europe. Genetics is interesting.

  6. PoGirl says:

    That's like our family of mutts of all different colors so I just sent my heritage in today!

  7. Adam says:

    Hmm.. I don't think you and your brother have the same parents, haha

  8. KEL7000 says:

    First off beautiful just beautiful my Queen ? also nice video…….!!!!!

  9. Does this show any family tree, or relatives?

  10. when/if your brother takes it, what will be different than your results, will be his Y-DNA haplogroup. The admixture will be about the same. If his haplogroup is E1b1b then he is off the offspring/seed of North Africans. if he is J or G, he is of the offspring/seed of Caucasians. if he is I, then he is of the offspring/seed of Nordic people. if he is R, then of the seed/offspring of Indo-Europeans (Celts/Slavs). The Germans are a mix of mainly Indo-Europeans and Nordics, so those would be the top contenders. The Nordics were among the native Europeans, while Indo-Europeans can be described as doing to Europe what the British and Spanish did to the New World.

  11. First off, great video and thank you for sharing! I ordered the AncestryDNA one but kind of wish I had gone with My Heritage. Mainly because it links to Geni.com where I have genealogy tree already lol But it's on sale for 50 bucks for blackfriday weekend so I might just do both 🙂

  12. John Bull says:

    Wow, what a beautiful woman :O

  13. Hello, did your brother ever test his DNA?

  14. M mc says:

    Hi Missy. I think I'm in love with you.

  15. Stgfre says:

    Genetic ancestry test are unreliable, and still in the early stages.

  16. I did the DNA match and got about 77% English, 15% Irish, Scottish, Welsh, 4% Italian, and 1% Baltic. I'm adopted, so it was really interesting to get my results. I was pleasantly surprised especially with the Irish and Italian! LOL!

  17. I know most of mine. But I ask may have a slim tiny chance that my father is not my father genetically. So my mom isn't happy about this. It was a last minute fling she had before they were married. And I was a honey moon baby. But I'm also Minorcan on my mom's side big time so I don't know how they will list that and I'm so curious of any others. I'm dying for it to get here. I'll save your feed and let you know.
    I'm in Jacksonville Florida where most of my family came from when they immigrated among with st Augustine fl and some in Virginia
    I know a lot! Of my family history. I can trace one family side back to the early 1700s.
    Last name is Bowden just in case

  18. I'm getting my results by the end of the month and I think they are more accurate because of getting the tissue instead of just spit

  19. Ive got the same stars tattoo on my shoulders as you ! I'm waiting for my results from my heritage How long does it take for results ?? Thanks for vid !!!

  20. Dexter 23 says:

    Some north Africans are whites check the president of Syria 🙂

  21. so it turned out you have five percent arabic blood… welcome to the family sis…

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