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My Heritage DNA Test Results And Review

My Heritage DNA Test Results And Review

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My Heritage DNA Test Results And Review. I ordered this dna test kit online a couple of months ago. It cost around $120 NZD including shipping. It took a couple of weeks to arrive from America . And then a few weeks more to do the testing after shipping it back.


12 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Test Results And Review

  1. Sea Fern says:

    Take note UK users: I chose MyHeritage, as review said best site in UK. (For my convenience only I wanted a UK base) The kit came within 3 days, so obviously (I thought) it's UK based. Opens it up and finds Texas USA on the return envelope. Not pleased at all with that hidden revelation. Also, you need to subscribe (apparently) to get other info afterwards as well. I hope the online results are viewable on Android or my money is truly wasted. I'll update here when the time comes.

  2. Antonio says:

    My mother had her DNA test with My Heritage and I think they are very accurate. The problem is that my mother has Native American ancestry and they show that under Central América. Then,I understand that means her ancestors were in part from mesoamerican tribes.The Customer Care people were very gentle and supportive.

  3. I used them and the biggest surprise was Native American, did not see that coming!

  4. Believe me.. you do not want to be Dutch????

  5. I am still waiting on my tests. Its been two months since I activated it and posted it. Usually I am patient, but it's running out.

  6. How long did it take to get your results, please?

  7. Please don't waste your money on ordering the MyHeritage DNA kit. They are either a scam or ineffectual. Based on the DNA results of my wife and my children–which are from 23andMe, another testing service–the numbers they gave me are impossible. And if you call up their customer service they say you need to upgrade–at a steep price–to get a person to talk to you.
    It sees the entire purpose of this company is to get you to upgrade to an expensive monthly service. But based on what I got for the initial price I paid them for the DNA test, you won't get much in return for this upgrade, despite their promises.

  8. Do they mail u your results n the mail also?

  9. Avoid this DNA testing company.  They said I am 0% Native American.  I am a full blood Native American.  They say I am mostly European.  Steer clear and save your money.

  10. benayy nei says:

    I am not to happy with mine they don’t break down percentages enough to be more exact I’m looking in to a better one

  11. John Bull says:

    You say 'Thanks for watching I suppose..' You suppose?? Are you disappointed??? Didn't exactly give us your review or wether you were happy with what you payed for???

  12. This vids pretty handy .. concidering getting a test done.

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