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16 thoughts on “My heritage dna test results M 1% AFRICAN xD

  1. Daisy Wong says:

    almost every northern Chinese have 10% or more Mongolian genes. it is funny they consider Guangdong southern Chinese to be less Han but most Cantonese test to have more Chinese genes

  2. Dee Dee says:

    LOL you're black

  3. Straight up pimpin' Chinese fa real.

  4. I have tested several companies and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics https://24genetics.it/ with more than 400 regions. Myheritage gives % to everyone…

  5. hahahahahahahaha. MyHeritage gives nigerian results to everybody!

  6. Cree X says:

    Welcome to the bbq brother! 🙂

  7. Yoda Yeol says:

    Love the way you laugh lol

  8. Nice result, and mine also around 1% Nigerian lol.

  9. sds420ss says:

    Asians have early African origins. Look up the San people. Hell, the name itself sounds Asian.

  10. Anna Röd says:

    I’m Swedish and I also got 1% Nigerian as well as 1:8% North African, so surprised

  11. You'll be a well endowed Chinese man now.

  12. Willkommen in Afrika ?

  13. You have such amazing results ❤️.

  14. Welcome. You are now one of us. One of us. One of us. ONE OF US!!!

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