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My Heritage DNA Test Results: Over Half Hispanic but Not Italian?!

My Heritage DNA Test Results: Over Half Hispanic but Not Italian?!

Here are my results. If you’re interested in purchasing a DNA test through MyHeritage like I did, here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2C7paDM

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32 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Test Results: Over Half Hispanic but Not Italian?!

  1. MIGUE MK says:


  2. You remind me of Gregor Samsara as he woke up and realized he was a dung beetle.

  3. Why th does this guy always release videos about italian & spanish dna

    Btw, you look half british, half iberian

  4. myohmyli says:

    Found out I can just upload my raw data from 23andMe to MyHeritage .. no way was I going to pay extra money for that.. I’m still waiting for MyHeritage to give me my results 😛

  5. demiurgo says:

    Don't believe My Heritage, upload the raw data to other websites

  6. I did it too. 35% Costa Rica. 25% European Iberian (Spain) 25% Italian. And 15 % English. But I don't get it cause I'm just a red Panda. Weird.

  7. Pepe says:

    How can you be half Hispanic if Hispanic is not a race?

  8. DJ Trevi says:

    MyHeritage is the not the best.

  9. i have 37% italian , 31% Iberian , 4% native American, 5%ireland , 3% ingland , i'm born in cuba ,

  10. Hispanic means your from Spain, another word for an ethnic Spaniard. Latino is Italic speaking Europeans, such as Portugal, France, Italy, and Romania. Hispanic only means a white ethnic Spaniard from Spain. Latin Fatmerican Mutts such as Puerto Ricans, and Mexican stole the Identity of the Spanish Peoples by calling themselves Spanish, or Hispanic. Do you see Southern Louisiana Creoles calling themselves French, or Frankic, because they have French mixed in their ancestry. Do you see Brazilians calling themselves Portuguese, because they have Portuguese mixed ancestry, and speak Portuguese. Do you see African Americans speaking English, because they have Anglo-Saxon(English) mixed in their ancestry, and speak English. If not, You Dark Latin American Amerindian-Sub Saharan African Triracial mutts need to stop stealing our Spanish Identity away from the Peoples of Spain.


  12. Epo says:

    Ohhh yeah, welcome to Brown Town, paisa!

  13. If it says your Iberian then that means your Italian or Spanish or French. Same fkn thing get over it

  14. hispanic being native american… hahhahahaha

  15. My Heritage is not a very good company. My family is from French Louisiana and they claimed I was almost totally English. Ancestry DNA is much more accurate.

  16. jajajaja jajajaja jajajaja, it's funny, that's why we have to struggle for a better world, we all are connected one way or another.

  17. Again, Mexican isn't a race, it's a nationality, likewise Hispanic/Latino isn't a race or ethnicity either, smh

  18. Cool Kek says:

    You look plain Iberian

  19. Spain was under Roman occupation for over 700 years. When they say you got DNA from Hispania, you definitely have Italian even if they don’t say it. You are not the only one in this situation.

  20. Did you know that Northern Italy was controlled by Austrians for a time? A lot of "Italians" from Northern Italy are actually from Austria or thereabouts originally.

  21. Parts of southern Italy was colonized by Spain so that could be the reasons and Italy have Jewish population 900 or so years ago.

  22. RM Smith says:

    I transferred my data to My Heritage and it was so far off from DNA Land, Family Tree DNA or Gedmatch. Best results by far are from GedMatch Eurogenes 36.

  23. Hi, I'm from Chile and a couple of months ago I took a DNA test. It turns out that I'm 95% Spanish. My family came to America during the conquest in the XVI century. I would like to make something clear because I see a lot of confusión about the perception that North Americans have about Spain and Latin America. First of all being Hispanic, it's not a race. Spanish speaking people is one thing, and ethnicity is another. Most people in Latin America are a mix between Spanish and Indian, this is what we call mestizo. A term traditionally used in Spain, which originally meant a person of combined European and Amerindian or Pacific Islander descent, regardless of where the person was born. To give you an example an averaged Mexican has 70% or more Indian blood. There is also a large component of African blood in that mix, depending on the country. In the Spanish system of racial hierarchy, the Sistema de castas, mestizos/pardos, who formed the majority, had fewer rights than the minority elite European-born persons called peninsulares, and the minority white colonial-born whites criollo, but more rights than the now minority indios, negro, mulato and zambo populations.

  24. N Noonan says:

    Tested with 23andme and Ancestry.com transfered raw dna to gedmatch, Familytree, DNALand, and Myheritage.
    Results at Myheritage and other family members were by far the most inaccurate. All other companies tested for ethnicities i suddenly got at Myheritage.
    I recommend 23andme or Ancestry.com they have the largest dna base as a reference.

  25. My heritage is not the best company to test with. For the central american category they use mestizo samples… Mixture of Amerindian, European, and African. You are not 21 % indigenous. You are a lot less, maybe about 10% upload your results to gedmatch.. With regard to you Iberian peninsula results…. Often times Iberian peninsula and Italian get crossed. Since they are both very genetically similar regions. Watch some other videos of latin americans and you will see. .. So your grandpa was still Italian…also Italians and Spanish people often have middle eastern blood…not too shocking. And Latino is not a race. .. Racially you are dominantly European.. Because last I checked Spain was still in Europe.

  26. Schaumi says:

    I'm European, and all my great-grandparents were German. So I'm fully German. When I tested Myheritage at beginning of 2017 (model 0.9 beta) – it told me that I'm 28% Italian – WOW!!! Later on, they changed their model to 0.95 beta – and I got new ethnicities – and I'm 0% Italian – holy shock, what's that – I'm not Italian? Then I tested my mom: 0% Italian. My father died 30 years ago, but I got big chance to test his sister (my aunt). Her result: 26.6% Italian (and 1.3% Iberian with model 0.95 beta) – so huh? Maybe there is few Italian in me. Just Myheritage doesn't show it now. And it could be same with yours. Maybe they show now 0% Italian – but on a latter model they will show you that you'll have at least 1% Italian.

  27. Ask your mom and other family members to take the test. Your mom's brothers could check out their paternal dna and see what comes out of it. How about asking your dad's brothers to take test and compare their results.

  28. Some areas of eastern europe had been conquered by italy and coerced into taking Italian names and language.

  29. Aimed2Kill says:

    Hy heritage is NOT accurate bro.

  30. Ito Roots says:

    Ur central results is native American.. upload ur results to DNALAND OR GED MATCH.. OR WEGENE. U WILL GET a better breakdown

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