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My Heritage DNA Test Results

My Heritage DNA Test Results

OMG I could not believe these results… I 100% recommend you all give this a go because it is quite the eye opener! very happy with my results ?

I wont ruin anything for you guys in here so just enjoy 🙂

Intolerance test results –https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=8c8U9LXwJHU


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31 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Test Results

  1. Tyler F says:

    My guess: Middle Eastern, Iberian, English/Northwestern European

  2. Part Indian, maybe part Moroccan.

  3. Yeah the Africa thing has to be a lot more recent than that.

  4. dzlove says:

    It's weird Africa wasn't broken down. There is North Africa which is completely different from Sub Saharan Africa and not all of Africa has the same markers.

  5. Pretty lady just embrace who you really are.

  6. Welcome to our great Greek family

  7. Alex have you uploaded your RawDNA into any other ancestry like GedMatch, MyFamilyTreeDNA ?
    If no you should, I have done the test with MyHeritage and it looked totally different from GM and MFTDNA. Dont really know which one to trust now. hhaha

  8. Hey! I think your African part may be there because of your Iberian part, I'm spanish and a lot of people for here has african dna because of our historical background

  9. MsClarinut says:

    Pausing video … definitely don't think you're only British. Iberian or Italian likely. Possibly France, Greece, or the Middle East.

  10. I think Iberian and Greek.

  11. Your West African is RECENT in your DNA tree for it to be that high of a percentage… during slavery in the US, Africans were taken from West Africa and upon arriving in America, some were actually taken back to England (with Native Americans) as what they called "curiosities" back then – this is why some Brits have Native American and West African in their DNA.

  12. Kiwi huh?? well with your skin tone and those gorgeous eyes, I'd say possibly some spanish. OK unpause and lets hear it!! LOL

  13. tobin2517 says:

    Ok so… You are you are a distant descendant of an true African, Greek etc. But you were raised and have live the life of and English person so…. really you are English mostly. That has been your life.

  14. sframe1978 says:

    if you are 6.3 percent african it is not because everyone orginiated form there. that would have been so long ago at best it would have been a trace percents which is less than 4 percent, with being 6.3 you had a great great great or great great grandparent who were most likely from africa.

  15. Dad may be hiding some info making the excuse that everyone originated from Africa. You may want to follow up on that if it's important to you.

  16. tiluriso says:

    Caucasus Admixture Component = 'Western Asian'; Middle Eastern Admixture Component = 'South West Asian'.

  17. tiluriso says:

    I had originally guessed a bit of 'Caucasus'; Greeks do have that component, to various extents, in their admixture patterns

  18. tiluriso says:

    Even though all modern Humans ultimately originate in Africa, your 6% indicates a more recent admixture event.

  19. Geia sou (Hello in Greek) Am Greek too. You are very sweet

  20. Ms. Mintz says:

    The african is recent. I'd say great or great great gparent. I have 0. My guess was pacific islands..very wrong.

  21. you look Scottish to me. I'm middle Eastern 🙂

  22. Sorry Alex, your African part is definitely more recent than what your dad said.

  23. TideGypsy says:

    Your African part is definitely more recent than what your dad said. It could be Moroccan or Egyptian. I can totally see the Greek! I have some friends that are 100% Greek and you actually look like you could be a sister to them.

  24. Aixa V says:

    I was right!! ?
    I'm getting good at this from binge watching these type of videos. ?

  25. Aixa V says:

    I see Italian/Greek?

  26. sky luna says:

    The African mixture is what gave you high cheek bones and that's why you look Indian and greek it's the mixtures of white and black

  27. Which part of Africa? Subsahara Africa?

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