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7 thoughts on “My Heritage DNA Test Unboxing and Results

  1. Nice results bro you should change the title to 'Dominican dna' to be easier to find and appear on the list of Dominican dna results.

  2. I have tried www.24genetics.com and it is also great with more than 400 regions. I posted my raw data on www.gedmatch.com and I found some far away cousins.

  3. MidaX says:

    Your pretty much half White & half Black with a hint of Native I’m assuming from the Central American. Great video ?❤️

  4. Your not marky mark because you don't have good vibrations.

  5. Cool results man. I got 19% African and 64% native American and 14% European. I’m Mexican, I like when other hispanic people post their videos it’s just so fucking interesting to see what they got. Check them out on my channel. What glasses prescriptions are those. Exactly the frames and model. Plz. They look hella sick.

  6. Omg I lovveeeeee ❣️?your videos plz keep making them..?

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