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My Heritage DNA Test Update (Accuracy?)

My Heritage DNA Test Update (Accuracy?)

So I noticed this little feature in the settings when looking at my DNA results and it’s making me question the accuracy of the my heritage test.


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  1. I did My Heritage , and I have no doubt that it is accurate! They matched me to a great Uncle with a surname I had no idea we were part of! After asking some questions , I discovered that my paternal grandmother had that maiden name! My results are :

    88.0 % English
    10.2 % Irish , Scottish , and Welsh
    1.8 % West Asian

    This has been consistent with information I am finding out about my family!

  2. Myheritage has written on his blog, that many germans were classificated as British,
    for example, I am half german, and in my new dna result version i am 60% british, does anyone knows when the new version will up come ?

  3. rexomaster says:

    maybe it's not 100% but it must be the real deal. I'm half norwegian and half
    algerian. got 36% scandinavian and 37% north african, so it's seems good enough

  4. My Heritage doesn’t have as big of a database as the others do. The other tests allow you to download your raw data so can upload it to the bigger dna databases.

  5. If you watch YouTube video that compares all 3 tests it will give you the different testing methods. Not all of them test the same.

  6. PoGirl says:

    When I have any questions, I email my heritage or other sites. I just sent mine in to my heritage and one brother had one done in ancestry, which came out how I thought it would, similar to yours actually but not as detailed as this. I want to see how my results will compare to his. Thanks for sharing. When I can afford or sales I will do another with another site later.

  7. John Smith says:

    WHY DONT I HAVE THAT!?! It's so annoying everyone but me has that option wtf

  8. I don't think any of these over the counter Dna tests are 100 per cent accurate.This test seems to be more specific though .I hope you find what your looking for. Good luck to you.

  9. Yyr69 says:

    In from germany and get 49% britan and 13% irish, welsh, scot.

  10. If I remember correctly, as their database increases and they get more samples, your results can alter a bit as parts of your data begin to better match their improving database. This goes with quite a few DNA testing facilities. The results are only as good as their database.

  11. J De'Niz says:

    OwlSparks199..You can upload your My Heritage dna to DNA LAND Free. I really was impressed, there map shows check marks on each country and when you click on the check marks it shows what part of that country you are from. I did do My Heritage and it did match me with my brother and they had updated his dna too and it was more general than the First one. WEGENE is also free!

  12. This might be why there's a difference. The 0.9 Beta says 72.4% North and West europe. Scandinavia is in N and West europe. Not only that but "Brittish and Irish" could mean that there is nordic blood from nordic settlers and interbreeding. Lot of Ireland and Britain is a mix of celtic and nordic/germanic blood. So you're definitely Irish and Brittish, but when you break down your ancestry further you have bloodlines which trace back to Nordic origin. That's my take.

    Also Italian and Greek are also a mix. You had seafaring people from all over the mediterranean which populated Greece, Italy, Sicily, southern Spain (Iberia).

  13. How did you find this button? I can't find it on my myheritage test results page 🙁

  14. Sapa Inti says:

    its really inaccurate for latinos. a lot of us get high central american percentages and a lot of people think it just means native. but my grandpa got 42% native american on ancestry.com and 63.5% central american on myheritage. i just uploaded a video comparing my familys ancestry and myheritage results.

  15. Cool, thanks for the tip! I am 15 percent Scandinavian 🙂

  16. Wim V says:

    Spain occupied parts of Italia in the 16th century…remember even Columbus was Italian…  Spain was a melting pot…, Arabs, Jews, Italians, gypsies…..Greeks…many fled to Italia,  there are still some Greek villages in the south of Italia…

  17. Wim V says:

    As you know Ireland and the UK  were invaded by Scandinavians in the middle ages, and Ireland and Spain had a lot of connections in the past…   so no surprises there..

  18. John Smith says:

    Wtf, I don't have the Ethnicity Estimate settings option. Why?

  19. I don't have that little thing (settings) to switch between the beta's. I did ancestry also and My Heritage is alot different

  20. joe mama says:

    My heritage sucks. I got 65% Native American with ancestryDNA. wegene and gedmatch had me similar to that number as well. My heritage is the only one that gave me 92% NA. That's a huge jump from 65%. Very very flawed. The huge jump in % is what has me being skeptical. I'm going to try 23 and me. They'll probably have me at 65% as well.

  21. John Smith says:

    I did ancestry DNA and got 37% West Europe, 32% Irish, 18% British, 6% Scandinavia, 4% Fin/NW Russia, 2% East Europe and 1% Caucasus. On MyHeritage I got roughly 86% Brit/Irish/scand etc. and 14% Balkan. But when I uploaded my ancestry DNA rot MyHeritage, I got 5.5% Greek, 5.5% Balkan and 89% Brit/Irish/scand. I was always told I was 1/8 Polish and the rest British, but my dads mom looks extremely Mediterranean and I'm wondering if she is half Greek, and my polish side comes under the Scandinavian

  22. Schaumi says:

    Same with me! I'm German and my first test told me that I'm 28% Italian, 8.1% Finnish and 1.3% Indigenious Amazonian. The new one tells me I'm 0% Italian, 0% Finnish and 0% Indigenious Amazonian. I mean: Come on! 28% merges into 0% – is that accurate??? And I got new 19.9% East European and 3.4% West Asian (the other regions of Northwestern European, Skandinavian and Balkan grew up a few %). So the question is: What is really true? Mmmh, I recommend you to upload your DNA data to a different source – only to compare the data. Gedmatch is a great source. There you will get many different results from many different models. But for me it was reassuring that most models confirmed both Myheritage models (with different percentages and even some more regions).

  23. J De'Niz says:

    My Heritage dna results are more detailed. My brother had his done with My Heritage and I had mind done through Ancestry. Ancestry is more general. In the future I want to try My Heritage.

  24. i think this is more accurate. Think that ancestry dna have greek and italian at the same group. By the way im Greek and im waiting for my results

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