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My Heritage Results Video | I am 13 Ethnicites (Puerto Rican)

My Heritage Results Video | I am 13 Ethnicites (Puerto Rican)

These are the results to my heritage dna test. I am so excited to share my heritage dna results with you guys. I am Puerto Rican but I came out to be 13 different ethnicites. WOW!

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36 thoughts on “My Heritage Results Video | I am 13 Ethnicites (Puerto Rican)


  2. Many Puerto Ricans get their sardinian DNA from their ancestors from Corsica. Hundreds of corsicans immigrated to Puerto Rico in the mid 1800s.

  3. You made a big deal about North African so here I was expecting some like 15% North African and you're sitting there with less than 5% lmfao

  4. You are a very attractive woman and it is probably because of the different ethnicity makeup of your DNA. I am very surprised your African ancestry is that low at 36%. From looking at you physically, I thought you'd be closer to 60%. Also your native American seems high for someone from PR.

  5. Is amazing that Puerto Ricans have a connection to Centro America via native so the tainos must've come from our area that is so cool

    My son has 4 continents Centro America, Europe, Africa and Asia

    We are all mix

  6. Day23J1k says:

    I took ancestry and upload my raw dna to free Myheritage, DNAland, FTDNA, Wegene

  7. Maccu says:

    Suomi Finland perkwle

  8. Soto N says:

    Biiiitch! You're 20% Taino which means one of your grandparents could be full Taino or close to full Taino,

    Which means we were told lies about Tainos being extinct in the 1500's if they were extinct in the 1500's then there would be no possible way you would be 20% Taino. !

  9. You had ancestors from Russia, it is 100%)))

  10. The 3 roots in old san juan the spaniard( European) the Indian ( caribe arrawak ) and the African. Nvr forget

  11. Turkish people are Euriasian people in the Mediterranean

  12. African blood is all over I think it's the largest lol in the world. I just find out they are the oldest people on earth oldest civilization as well.

  13. No mija no way you are 60% European I could of told you that without a DNA test

  14. Ma, the reason you are so mixed is because the people that came to the island were already mixed, besides the Taino Indians who have been on the islands hundreds of years prior to the colonization and assassination. Puerto Rican is very much an ethnicity. You're largest ethnic group is Taino Indian, the natives of Puerto Rico. Fact is, most ethnicities are mixed. The least mixed seems to be the Asian and Northern Europeans. Also, they don't have a lot of studies done on actual Taino blood, so they group us with other native American groups. Especially those in Colombia since that's where the arawak Indians are from.

  15. im glad they didnt have this in nazi germany.. holy shit

  16. wth does she know where puerto rico is situated

  17. AnoukMT2 says:

    Greetings from Sardinia 😀

  18. cecilia says:


  19. ponytail29 says:

    37% African that looks about right. I met a woman years ago and she was Puerto Rican but she looked Italian and she swore to me that there were no black people in Puerto Rico. She was in complete denial. Anchient Egypt was not Arab only Arabia invaded Egypt in the last 200 years. Some Puerto Ricans totally deny any African roots. I would think you were South Indian or North/East African.

  20. My Heritage it is quite inaccurate in my opinion..I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry to me is 24Genetics with more than 400 regions. You can do it also from 23andme raw data

  21. que linda!!! wepa!!! we are a nice mix

  22. I am sure I am at least 75% Eastern european possible the rest is Kavkaz region

  23. Midnight says:

    Hey, I tell people to upload to wegene because they are better with Asian and Native American DNA .

  24. Gorgeous heritage !!! I love international in people

  25. Suomi Finland perkele

  26. JOT says:

    I’m 17 different ethnicities ??

  27. TUNA says:

    gzuz you are fucking gene abomination

  28. lol… bongos, and congas, are African in PR music… not the trumpets or the organs.. brass instruments.. spanish has a bigger culture in PR than African….

  29. The Indigenous people of Boriken (PR) are called Taino, however they are actually properly called island Arawak.

  30. wicious says:

    Did your siblings do a test? Are their African numbers lower than yours? My sister's results are pretty different from mine

  31. Ur cute af
    I'd marry you but I'm ???

  32. Yes, you look like you are from Morocco or Algeria, North African. Taino People were the Native People's of P.R., Cuba, Hispanhola, and the other surrounding islands in the Caribbean.

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