1. By the way I f***ed up, István Ütroša was a good great-great grandfather, István Farkaš was the bad boy great-great grandfather. Just pointing it out so I'm not doing injustice to István #1 😀

  2. Small nation, but with Sławoj Żiżek, Laibach and Melania Trump. Quite famous figures!

  3. Kajmak 383 says:

    Nisem znal da si Slovenc 😀 Jaz živim v Italiji in moj oče je Slovenc iz Trsta

  4. Roman King says:

    What do you think about free and libre Music -> like licensing some of your music by "NoCopyright" or sth. like CC-BY-SA

  5. Seabass GM says:

    thank you… better meet for a drink in Warsaw on Nov 11th or I will put the Hussar smack down on ya ass… Great family history, should be proud.

  6. Yaaay finally you explained it!!!❤❤❤

  7. You say that you are from Slovenia, but with many older videos you have headlines written in Czech .. how is it possible? Idk…

  8. Be careful with the ilegal immigrants. Protect you Slovenia blood and beauty

  9. I'm surprised that in Slovenia there are such drastic dialects. Poland in contrast is very uniform in how they speak, except for a couple regions. In the south in the mountains they have a heavy dialect which reminds me of Slovakian a bit and then in Silesia they speak a dialect which reminds me of Serbian and has a lot of German words mixed in. And then around Gdansk there's a very small minority of Kashubians who speak a different language. In the north west on the border with Germany there's a very small region that has Sorbs who speak a different language which resembles the Balkan Slavic languages. I think that sums it up for Poland's languages and dialects. With the exception of the south of Poland it's very uniform linguistically. The mountain dialect isn't really that hard to understand either.

  10. I always had a feeling you were from Balkans but wasn't sure exactly which country.

  11. Why don't you have slavic accent? Slavic accent in english language sounds pretty cool, I do everything to not to loose my Polish one:) Hopefully one day you will record something in ,,more slavic" english;)

  12. When you said to speak: "Govoriti" in czech we use "H" instead of "G" so it is "Hovoriti" and it is very close to "Hovořit" and that also mean to speak in czech. And when you said "Gučaty" or "Gučati" it is "Hučati" and that is very close to czech "Hučeti" or "Hučet" and that also can be used as a word for to speak in boring, monotone way of speaking or to describe some noise from animal or machine.

  13. Widzi Doc says:

    Нихера не понял по английски, но желаю тебе удачи братишка славянин!

  14. that was interesting. I'm watching you from Hungary and my heritage is kind of a similar one but in reverse, for example my Father family is from today's slovakia… 🙂

  15. I like your story 🙂 i also have partizan family but im not communist (i like yugoslavia though). My father is a full slav but my mother sadly is not as cool and is Canadian (latin&germanic ethnic groups)

  16. HuySGory. says:

    You looks like turk

  17. my origins is from Dalmatia/croatia(split)& Lusatia (Germany) Cottbus. I live in DresdenGermany .
    make some video about Sorbs. a lot of slavic people don't know anything about sorbs. I am proud half Serbian half Sorbian girl.

  18. My mother is from Former Yugoslavia, she's originally from Northern Bosnia but she's Croatian and most of her family live in Croatia. Anyways, in 2010 I visited Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia. I had an amazing time and I think all people should visit Ljubljana. I absolutely love Slovenia because it is the hidden Slavic secret. It reminds me of Western Europe and Eastern Europe all the way. I cant say it enough, I LOVE SLOVENIA!

  19. You have worned me…. and it was not true …. it was not boring ;D

  20. Sylvek 69 says:

    Slovenian – Croatian politic shit, its like our Polish politics vs Russian and I have a few Russians friends and we are good Slavic brothers. All Slavic should unite. And Slovenia survived Nazi attack. Same as we survived 123 years being erased from the maps. Slava brother, all the best!

  21. Liked and then watched.. I was born 5 km from Ohrid, my father fought in the battle of Srem (Serbia) , my sister was married to a Slovenian (from Postojna region) and I have always identified as a Jugoslav. Greetings from Australia to all Slavs and decent people of the world. ( I love Slovenia ..it is such a beautiful country )

  22. Lisa Ilic says:

    I couldnt pay attention to what he was saying because of how enragingly good looking he is, so i had to put my phone away. I feel triggered by this lack of getenic modesty. Sometimes too much is too much

  23. Nice video as always brother keep going ?

  24. Keep doing what you are doing Now it’s great :). Zdravím z Čech ;).

  25. Apo Ape says:

    I am Northern Serbian but my mother is half montenegrian and all my male uncestors there were orthodox priests until my grand grand father said ''fuck it ,I am going to become an atheist professor''
    (A boring comment for a boring video xD)

  26. Respect to you, keep up the good work! Great videos! All our big slavic family is very grateful to you! ❤️ Everytime you post really good slavic music! I post you another slavic music from Slovakia. Hope you will like it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e-t6oct1Wc Greetings from Slovakia from your slavic sister! ❤️ SLÁVA

  27. Sasha V. says:

    I just LOVE your background painting (hayrack)…and ough, I were younger 😉 Great story, not boring at all!

  28. Dobar brate,slava vječna!

  29. Croats and Slovenians where always friends and allies. When we arrived on the Balkans we fought together against the Franks and we supported each other during the 90's wars. We also worked together for our rights in Austria-Hungary. I don't know why there is so much hate between our countries. Is it because of that little piece of territory? I think that we should find a peaceful solution about that topic and not sueing each others like little kids and we should defend our borders against the illegal immigrants. It's nice to see that there are still people that are researching there family tree. I also started to research about my family tree a year ago.

  30. voich alfa says:


  31. What do you think of Slavoj Zizek ?

  32. Znik says:

    Ugh,hungarian ancestry,but you're mostly slovenian so it's all good 🙂

  33. Great video, as always!

  34. Niko says:

    I hope to see more Slavs thinking like you and this community, we are brothers and should realize this. I do not wish to see another conflict between any Slavs. Also on a side note it is great to learn more about you I love your channel and the music you post is amazing hope to see more great things from this channel and its community.

  35. G.S.P. says:

    Zdravo, from a Macedonian.
    Some interesting similarities between certain words in Slovenian and Macedonian. I'm
    Told that the name of the Macedonian town, Bitola, might be derived from a Slovenian warlord who was in the region in the 8th century.

  36. Wsy NicK says:

    I assume when you say partisan you mean fighting against the Nazis??? So you are happy that you were on the side of the Bolsheviks that were 88% Jews? Hungarian? WWW,ancestery.com its 90 Euros. I am 94% Celtic, 2%British, 2% Scandinavian, 1% Eastern European and 1% Scandinavian You have too much gypsy and jew blood to get the test done . also you look Italian……Have a weekend

  37. Hey Jan! Really cool history of yours that you were willing to share with us! I hope that we can meet in Ljubljana one day! Slava z Polski!

  38. з г says:

    Мужик, ты МОЛОДЕЦ! !!

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