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  1. I love that Moroccan Sleek Oil!

  2. You really did a lot of work while the kids were away! I love how you did your flower pots. I have a few I want to put flowers in and may take some inspiration in how you did yours.

  3. This is my kinda staycation. We are extending into the garage this summer (all being well) so much of my summer will be trying to stay out from under the feet of builders. That privacy screen is going to look gorgeous with some climbers up it. Unfortunately we will lose our current well established climbers due to the extension but I'm looking forward to picking out some new ones.

  4. Kelli i wish we were friends in real life! You are awesome ❤️ All the projects you are doing outside are amazing and i wish i had your ideas!

  5. Bibi says:

    I love these videos! Love seeing the end results, Great job guys!

  6. You could get your own umbrella and add led string lights you can control and change the color of

  7. ml says:

    Damn do I ever love just watching Kelli’s really long day in the life videos. I don’t know what it is but they are just so easy and relaxing to watch yet feel-good videos too if that doesn’t sound too cheesy

  8. I love watching your videos! I feel like they’re always very raw and relatable.
    I’ve been in apartment complexes for a few years now, so I haven’t had a chance to really garden like I’d like to… but I miss it so bad. We have very similar taste in a lot of things, but especially home and Garden stuff. Love the planters! Beautiful mix of colors!
    P.s. John is so sweet. Hope his hand is feeling better.

  9. I’ve been an avid YouTube watcher for ten years. Subscribed to tons of people. But the only two people I will NEVER miss a video from no matter what—are you and Rawbeautykristi.

    I feel like we would be friends in real life. So bummed I missed the Tyson’s corner meetup as it’s nearby.

    Always love your videos! ❤️

  10. Hahaha, I love how you just left the fart in. That's why I love you. #KeepingItReal

  11. I feel like I might have missed something but what happened to your other dog Penny? Only ever see Nuna.

  12. Hey girl! I just ordered the monthly face mask box and code didn't work ?

  13. Lizzy H says:

    I got the same pavers last week I still need 3 more. I'm slowly putting in flowers and plants in. We put in a lime tree which I'm so excited for. We have so much to do too so I feel you. My dog is now pregnant because part of the back fence fell. And either our dog went over or there's came over while ugh she was in heat. Ugh

  14. Great job on all your projects! Looking forward to when we move into our new home and can tackle yard projects like that!

  15. Summer Rae says:

    Any tips to prevent weeds in the pea gravel? I need to update mine.

  16. Summer Rae says:

    Love the privacy portion. We would’ve had to put the boards on opposite side so neighbors get the “nicer” smoother view.

  17. Amanda H says:

    Nuna is getting older looking! It's really exciting to see all the hard work you did paying off !

  18. carly 14 says:

    Looks great! Y'all are hard workers!

  19. Susie SC says:

    The house is looking great!

  20. Love how everything is turning out!! Congrats on your new patio!! Looks amazing! Everything feels better when you know you put your sweat and hard work into it.

  21. Olivia says:

    Hi! I loved the video and wanted to try out the facetory subscription but the code isn’t working:(

  22. Do you guys live in Texas?

  23. Besides your yard looking great, you are also looking great! Glad to see you happy and healthy and enjoying life!

  24. metaj87 says:

    Great vid kelli! Love the private fence

  25. I love the feeling of getting home repairs done just knocking things off to do lists you guys are amazing love your videos

  26. Yas same it’s bee. So hooooootttt and all of the sudden it was freezing yesterday

  27. Kim Maye says:

    Beautiful work you guys! That front patio is amazing and I love the privacy screen! I’m about to sell my house, otherwise I would copy your idea. We have an above ground pool and can’t get in without our neighbors getting a full view lol. Whenever my husband and I are off together all of our time is spent on the house. Soon We’re moving to an apartment right across the street from our work to spend our last 10 years before we retire. No more house work after that! All fun, all the time lol ??

  28. The backyard looks awesome! What is the age difference between john and dan? They look so much alike. We got orders to move to Tampa for the next 3-4 years I’m gonna miss the Ohio weather. I love how you actually have all the seasons here, but the beach will be nice also!

  29. Mari Hwang says:

    I always enjoy your videos! I admire your hard work and dedication to your husband, children, and parents. And the amount of work you put into your house… I need to borrow some of your dedication to that! Looking forward to more videos!!!

  30. What are your thoughts on hiring babysitters?

  31. Nicky150 says:

    Great background music! ?

  32. mchyoung13 says:

    This was a really good video? I used to work cleaning houses after they had been painted on an army base and the painters made such messes on the mirrors and windows. If the paint is on the glass of your storm door try rubbing alcohol but what really works good is to use a regular razor blade. Use the blade side to scrape it off and it should come off easily. Hope this helps ?

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