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19 thoughts on “My Life Is A Lie – MyHeritage DNA Test Results – I’m Not Who I Thought I Was

  1. Can I also Get a FREE Kit from My Heritage ?….also OK thanks !

  2. phoggee says:

    you look mostly jewish to me, I dont see any Irish

  3. Finoula Mc says:

    Irish DNA is different to English just like French would be different to Italy….

  4. Also the english conquered and colonised ireland and ruled it for 900 years ,so it would be almost impossible to have no english dna and vice versa.The average english person has at least 30 percent irish dna.

  5. The first 4.9 million white people in the usa were english.Even the scots irish were originally english,Throw in the war of independence and hollywood films and its not surprising most americans claim to be irish when in fact they were originally english.

  6. You are only getting your maternal line. You would need to have a male family member to take the test to get the paternal line.

  7. Cockertoo says:

    By the way, be proud to say you are English, not British! x

  8. Cockertoo says:

    We only take 50% from each parent so some dna will be missed, not everything is passed down.

  9. it can be right because dna can be passed so you did not get some , thats how it goes

  10. Actually that`s not how dna works, even if your grandma has some region, it doesn`t mean that you`ll have it. Even siblings tend to have different amount of the same region, or one of them even have region that doesn`t appear for another one. That`s how dna tricky is, you shouldn`t expect something just bcs your parents have it:)

  11. sarah s. says:

    I thought it's cheetos in the background ^^

  12. Roneeeism says:

    I am 6.4% East Europen 0.1% more than you and I am full Indian ! Lol

  13. I was 84% English aswell but I am English

  14. Schaumi says:

    Nope, your life is not a lie. The estimate is wrong. Be patient. Next update will bring better results.

  15. Nevakon says:

    do another companies test like 23 and me…if they come back the same that means the results are right

  16. Uplaod the raw dna to familytreedna it will give you a second opinion

  17. Maybe there were English settlers in Ireland

  18. Correction lie not life ;-;

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