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My Mom’s MyHeritage DNA Test Results, Live Reaction… More Jewish than Italian?!

My Mom’s MyHeritage DNA Test Results, Live Reaction… More Jewish than Italian?!

The results are in! If you’re interested in purchasing a DNA test through MyHeritage like we did, here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2C7paDM

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21 thoughts on “My Mom’s MyHeritage DNA Test Results, Live Reaction… More Jewish than Italian?!

  1. olg06 says:

    Your mother's probably south Italian/sicilian these people are usually mixed with jewish & west asian/middle eastern & tiny bit north african. It's where the swarthy look & unusual noses of some italians come from I believe…
    Here are the ancestry dna results of a Sicilian guy https://youtu.be/8G1qyIchJAc

  2. Dee Dee says:

    Hoe can you have different results from your mo when you get half of your dna from her?

  3. Mia D says:

    I'm sephardic Jewish also Mexican.

  4. The main reason I want to take dna test is also to know if I have sephardic jew lineage. Im a Filipina from Philippines who’s ancestors have spanish and chinese lineage and based on research and my love for God and Israel and the jews I feel that from my spanish lineage I am a sephardic Jew. God bless!

  5. Don’t ever fucking say Native American is Mexican…. “Mexican” culture mainly comes from Spain/Portugal

  6. sukie584 says:

    Mexico is not Central America. It's North America

  7. ill explain the italian link, spanish jews, went to italy, and sicily was spain at the time, so her sefardic side is most likely italian sefardi jews. there are many of them.

  8. saying Italian or saying Middle eastern is like saying american , both had big empires that were across the 3 continents and they attracted people all over .

  9. D Cal says:

    My parents are from Central Mexico, Jalisco and Michoacan respectivly, I was born in the US Santa Barbara, California. My Ancestry- DNA results show I'm 40% Native American , 27% Iberian/Spanish, 19% Italian/Greek , 5% British, 4% North Africa, 3% Senegal 2% Central Asian- middle east. I'm not really surprised by any of it except the British part LOL. Cool Channel thanks!

  10. check out sephardim on youtube there is a rabbi that has a 9 part series on what where and how of sephardic jews . every place your mom touched on is where jews were living .

  11. altoM40 says:

    The Jewish came from Iberia (Spain Portugal) probably. Probably not from North Africa. The Spanish settlers included Jews that had converted through force from the Inquisition and then they were permitted to go to the New World under the Spanish or Portuguese flag.

  12. Dach Yomi says:

    According to Jewish Law Jewish is a "soul" not a DNA, the only way to know if somebody has the soul is if they have a mother that is Jewish or they convert to orthodox Judaism and keep the laws, in both cases they would be 100% Jewish. In cases of Muranos, Jews that were forced to convert in Spain etc its hard to know if their mothers mothers mother etc was Jewish and if they have the soul, they will convert to orthodox Judaism some time in their life.

  13. I also see more Jewish and Spanish in your mom more than Italian too, IMO especially the eyes and nose do not look Italian. We have prominent noses here, at least the 5 Italian families I have here. But she is still of cultural Italian heritage and there is the Greek which is common for DNA tests for some Italians. You have a wonderfully rich history! Sephardi Jews have such a rich history. Check it out sometimes.

    Jews did find a home in Italy, and perhaps they fled from Spain during one of their persecutions or perhaps they just wanted to go to Italia. It's not far away about 1000 miles. Jews fleeing to Italy were able to blend in perfectly, at least physically, except many had to denounce their Jewish religion. Not sure which was the case with your family but is probably interesting. Many did not admit being Jewish due to religion with Italy being a Catholic state in those days and let's not forget thee 1260 years of inquisition.

  14. If the italian part comes from southern Italy (especially Sicily) the greek/ middle eastern/ balkan part makes sense!

  15. The reason you didn’t match up is because you didn’t do your dad do your dad and it will clear everything.

  16. Sephardic Jews originally came from Spain and Portugal. About 400 years ago the vast majority of them were expelled in masses and ended up in Greece and Asia Minor ( Today’s Turkey) . The largest Sephardic communities in the world lived ( mainly) in Greek cities until the Nazi extermination. We still have few small Sephardic Jewish communities in Greece.

  17. AshG321M says:

    "god's favorite people" man Jewish never stops being raciest

  18. Z Tree1 says:

    Most Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews have a high genetic similarity to central Italians due to a high rate of Italian conversion to Judaism during the late Roman era into the ancestry pool of what would become, in time, both the Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews. With a great deal of Spanish ancestry mixed in there, it wouldn't be unusual to come up with some false Jewish readings. Greek might also indicate Eastern Sicilian ancestry: Eastern Sicilians are actually more similar to Greeks than they are Western Sicilians. Albanian-Italian ancestry might be a second possibility as I doubt Albanians are really separated from Greeks in such genetic tests. Be wary of the accuracy of these tests on individuals: they read populations much better than they do individuals.

  19. West Asian is the middle east and caucus

    Are Jews from Spain I think

  20. Lots of Southern Italians have Greek. She’s still Italian. Southern Italy genetics are different than North and Central Italy. Southern Italians are Middle Eastern/North Africa German Greek and Spanish.

  21. This mom is a small part of "Sephardic Jew".That means that she's part Jew of the people we find recorded in the Biblethat were the ones that was driven out of Israel by the Roman's 2000 years ago.
    Most Jews of today are Ashkenazim Jews.They are originally (for the most part) various Turkish nomadic tribes that formed Khasaria -an ancient empire located between The Black Sea and The Caspian Sea.
    The Ashkenazim Jews are KASHARS that adopted the Jewish religion in the 8th century.Most Jews living in the state of Israel today are NOT descendants of the Jews of the Bible. They are – as I said – descendants of various Turkish nomadic tribes that took to the JewishTalmudic religion and pretend that they are fully Jewish – "God's Own Chosen People".
    They're not !
    On the contrary – the small percentage of the real Jews – The Sephardic Jews -are often discriminated by, and have a lower status than the "false" Ashkenazi-Jews -that are in majority.

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