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8 thoughts on “MY SURPRISE DNA RESULTS! .. 23andMe

  1. jjgnbf says:

    Estás muy buena

  2. JeremyWK says:

    If your body doesn't matter then what is the point in continuing to exist in this physical plan?. You should commit to your spirit beliefs and escape to a spiritual plane of existence. I hear that carbon monoxide is painless and an effective way to go.

  3. KALI, one day, can u do a Q&A for us?

  4. Actually some creationists suggest that Adam was created perhaps 8,000–12,000 years ago, the DNA test actually corresponds to that perfectly, suggesting you are directly descended from Adam and Eve, just like me, and everyone else, making us all very distantly related. https://answersingenesis.org/bible-characters/adam-and-eve/when-was-adam-created/

  5. Interesting. Cool video. Thanks for the laughs with the squirrel. 🙂

  6. that squirrel is shocked and scared too

  7. gasp* I'm shocked and scared.

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