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MyHeritage: 3 Theories on Why My DNA is Spanish, Not Italian

MyHeritage: 3 Theories on Why My DNA is Spanish, Not Italian

Help me sort this out. If you’re interested in purchasing a DNA test through MyHeritage like I did, here’s the link: http://amzn.to/2C7paDM

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29 thoughts on “MyHeritage: 3 Theories on Why My DNA is Spanish, Not Italian

  1. Martin says:

    Looking at this video made me want to try other DNA sites. I uploaded my raw data from 23andme to familytreedna and the results where very different.
    23andme has me at 99.6 Euro with mostly Italian and Spain and no middle east. familytree on the other hand has me at 70% euro and 30% middle east. What is that all about lol. Something is up with the myOrgins 3.0 update.

  2. Martin says:

    You look like a spaniard.

  3. X3DN says:

    but ibrians are related

  4. P C says:

    I uploaded my ancestry results to various places and got wildly different results each time. I am thinking which is true?

  5. shoftim says:

    Databases, I would think are constantly being updated… I would cross reference with another DNA test… 23andMe vs AncestryDNA, for example.

  6. Upload your raw data to gedmatch.com you will see the actual results. Dna cannot say ethnicity but regions.

  7. tienes que aceptear lo que eres tus ancestry ADN , no niegues tus raices antepasados gracias a ellos estas aqui mala agradicido ,

  8. you could pass for northern spanish or central italian. but you don't look like a typical spaniard or italian so you need to get over it and stop obsessing over it it's strange

  9. Hi, you mentioned southern Italy and Balkan influence.There is many ethnic Albanians living there for hundreds of years somewhere in southern Italy.Check it up please.

  10. Your dad's x chromosome only reveals the geneology of his paternal line, but not his maternal line, because he can't pass on your grandma's Y chromosome . Your mom's Y chromosome will only reveal her maternal line. Therefore your sister's DNA differed because she only could receive information about only your mom's maternal line.

  11. You will not find out about your maternal grandfather, because fathers don't pass on their x chromosome to their daughters, they only pass it to their sons. Howbeit, mothers pass on a Y chromosome to all their kids. Therefore you will only be able to trace your lineage back from your maternal grandmother's side via the Y chromosome that you inherited from your mom. If your mom has a brother, the X chromosome will reveal the Italian ancestry. I hope that makes sense.

  12. everyone on my father's side show around 80% Iberian and 10 to 20 % Italian Greek we assumed some Italian from the surnames and were correct

  13. everyone on my father's side show around 80% Iberian and 10 to 20 % Italian Greek we assumed some Italian from the surnames and were correct

  14. Mimi Can says:

    I found this interesting and educational article explaining ancestry. http://genetics.thetech.org/ask-a-geneticist/same-parents-different-ancestry

  15. I think portuguese, and spanish are the same thing… so here my genes from gedmatch… after the spanish the close ones are the southern french and northern italian, the southern italian are actually close related with greeks than to portuguese, and the southern dutch are closer to portuguese than say an southern italian… weird because the pigmentation simplification… 😀 Population Percent
    1 Atlantic 25.60
    2 West_Med 24.35
    3 North_Sea 21.23
    4 East_Med 10.90
    5 Baltic 5.63
    6 Red_Sea 4.20
    7 West_Asian 2.77
    8 Northeast_African 2.60
    9 Eastern_Euro 2.01
    Finished reading population data. 207 populations found.
    15 components mode.
    Least-squares method.
    Using 1 population approximation:
    1 Portuguese @ 3.630388
    2 Spanish_Galicia @ 4.687045
    3 Spanish_Extremadura @ 4.877780
    4 Spanish_Castilla_Y_Leon @ 6.079728
    5 Spanish_Murcia @ 6.207781
    6 Spanish_Cataluna @ 6.842310
    7 Spanish_Cantabria @ 8.509293
    8 Spanish_Andalucia @ 8.597598
    9 Spanish_Castilla_La_Mancha @ 8.918651
    10 North_Italian @ 9.122362
    11 Spanish_Valencia @ 9.168074
    12 Spanish_Aragon @ 10.577487
    13 Southwest_French @ 11.482497
    14 French @ 13.501130
    15 Tuscan @ 16.022680
    16 South_Dutch @ 19.428192
    17 West_German @ 21.300455
    18 Serbian @ 21.974432

  16. north italian souhern france and iberians are so close, than the tests make mistakes… deal with it.

  17. Like mr. Sorenser says the Aragon´s crown ruled half of Italian peninsula from Naples to south over two centuries, the Naples kingdom, Sicily and Sardinia, the Aragon´s bars, four red bars over yellow camp today is common find in the flags and heraldic shields, there are many possibilities that you´re descendent of aragonese people, it´s included catalan, valencian and balearic people. My name, in example is Longarón, I´m aragonese, from spain, but my ancestors gone to aragon from basque country, but you can find in the northern of Italy a village called Longarone, in the upper middel age and the renacent, the northeast of spain, south of france, from Loira river, and the northwest of italy spoken the same languaje, called the oc languaje, and in fact the were united, are you eared about the cathars, the templars knigths fallen?, the official story usually was wrote for the winners, the cathars history was occulted for the catholic religion , for this, many times, it´s hard find the thrue, Best regards.

  18. I had the same thing happen. My ancestor was Italian by nationality but ethnically Spanish. Spanish DNA is very very common in Italy.

  19. Dulce candy Spanish Caribbean………just messin brother……but i wanted to let you know Spaniards and Italians are not different…….becouse they are cousins and are not far seperated and have always shared similar traits just like Greeks and Italians are cousins of an ethnic kind

  20. lo tah says:

    forse l'antenato ha rubato l'identità a un italiano per poter emigrare…

  21. Farinalda says:

    You look like north Spain people, Galicia, Asturias…dont be sad! Jajaja i'm spanish 😉

  22. Yes it is easy go to there website and upload your raw data

  23. Dude I watch your video and I think you need to upload your DNA to ged match

  24. Bard Gj says:

    Hi what's up? Your video came on my screen as I was watching People post their DNA results. You are saying that your people stayed in Italy long enough, that even though they were not by blood Italian, they become culturally Italians. Since I am from southern Balkans I was thinking that can happen only if there are whole villages or towns of the same ethnicities who intermarry among themselves and do not mix with Italians. But the ethnicity needs at least 4 generations to be forgotten. How come you are born in America and still think you are Italian? In Italy there are Albanian villages and town who are all Albanians. In Southern Italy. 60 villages.They been there for 500 years, chased by occupying Turks. They intermarry among themselves. I have heard that there also are some Greek settlements. All Greeks. So your Balkan part is either Greek or Albanian, from these settlements. FTdna will show you this, if you pay them. They cost I think $400. And obviously one of your ancestors is Iberian.

  25. Anne B. says:

    Mostly british , irish , french and italian have iberian blood, and Spaniards have british, irish, italian and french German, including scandinavian blood,  because the iberian península was invaded by godos ( German tribes) and when they expelled the moors in 1492 they repopulated spain whith German and swiss persons.Ask to ancestry.

  26. Dude…Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, French, and Romanians are ALL Latin cousins. You are talking as though Italian is so different from Spanish…it is not. The tests are VERY accurate…they showed the same results for identical twins. When my test was done…my paternal cousin showed up on my related list…and she is in fact my blood relative. Ancestry would have never gotten that right if the tests were false.

  27. Spain dominated big territories in Italy since1559 till 1713. Even nowadays In Naples and Sicilia you can find a lot of people with Spaniards surnames, their DNA is Spanish but their culture and language are Italian. Perhaps your questions and doubts are related with this Spanish/Italian period of history.

  28. I stumbled on this post by accident and then went back to watch your previous ones on this matter. I am genealogist specializing in Italian Americans and southern Italy. I am not really in a position to comment on DNA, but your 3rd theory sounds most plausible. I would suggest you try another company, though it would of course be interesting to see what your mother's DNA results are.

    While it is quite common for many southern Italians to have varying amounts of DNA from the Iberian peninsula and other parts of Europe, as well as from North Africa, Middle East, Central Asian, and beyond due to the very complex history of the Mediterranean region, I would expect–at least this has been the case with other southern Italians I've know to take DNA tests–that a large percentage, if not the lion's share would be within the Italian/Greek sphere.

    I am curious, what do you actually know about your grandfather? Do you know what town or city he was from? His profession? Do you know anything of his parents? Knowing this type of information (which in my opinion is more interesting than DNA, though I am biased as a genealogist) might help you piece together some of this puzzle. Frankly, the likelihood that you grandfather or his parents or grandparents migrated from Spain to Italy and then remained isolated from the broader gene pools of that area, seems remote to say the least. But, then again, I would not make a definitive statement without knowing more about the people in question.

  29. Greetings again. Your second and third theories make sense. Your first theory does not make sense at all as you indicated that your mother is "half Italian" therefore you should be approximately a quarter Italian. It is inconceivable that you would inherit zero DNA from your grandfather, if he was indeed Italian. Also, you mentioned that you find it difficult to believe that MyHeritage is completely incorrect but it can be. Case in point: I wasn't aware of having any Iberian ancestry yet on AncestryDNA results I not only have Iberian markers I have 4th cousin matches who are Portuguese and on other sites I have Portuguese genetic cousin matches even though other sites show no Iberian DNA markers! How can that be? I used the chromosome painting browser from gedmatch and all my Portuguese matches match me on the same chromosome and in the same location. Furthermore, do you have any cousin matches? I would pay close attention to who those matches are. In any event, enjoy your journey in learning more about your ancestors.

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