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MyHeritage – Albanian from Kosovo DNA Results

MyHeritage – Albanian from Kosovo DNA Results

I am an Albanian from Kosovo(Dardania).

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All the dislikes on the video come from Greece, they believe that the dislikes will change my dna result hahah

I am 100% European, Albanian we are pelasges = Illyrians = Albanian, we are autochthonous.

All the names of the Greek gods have a meaning in Albanian whereas in Greek no:


Penelope who was waiting odysseus for her husband, he went to the Trojan War for 10 years, but his return to penelope lasted 10 years more because odysseus had punctured the eye of the son of Poseidon the Cyclops, and Poseidon to get rid of him put some obstocals on the sea for him to die, but he’s not dead, in total his journey lasted 20 years, penelope would have to remarry since odysseus was not coming back, but she did not want then, she had when I finish knitting this veil I’ll marry again, but all she knits during the day she redefines it at night to not get married.
English: Penelope
Greek: Pênelópeia
Albanian: Penelyp (Pen = thread, E lyp = She asks) = she asks for thread (to knit).

odysseus: husband of penelope, his total journey lasted 20 years.
English: odysseus
Greek: Odusseús
Albanian: Udhësi (The traveler)


I can give you thousands of examples, we Albanians all our names mean something.

my name :
Leutrim (Le = born, trim = brave) = brave born

I can give thousands of examples too, the modern Greek is a mixture of Arvanites (Albanians of Greece) the Greeks know very well they often have an ancestor Arvanite it’s not an insult, the modern Greeks do not take it badly, I do not insult you.

my 91.8% (Greek) is Albanian, myHeritage for now puts us in the Greek group, but soon we will have our own group.

my 4.2% (Irish, Scottish and Welsh) comes from over 2300 years ago the Celts were next to us in the Balkans

my 2.7% (People of the Balkans) this therm is not yet precise enough, I can not give more details, will have to wait for the future updates of myheritage.

my 1.3% (Ashkenazi Jew) are Europeans who converted to Judaism they were in France and Germany.

May health be with you.


24 thoughts on “MyHeritage – Albanian from Kosovo DNA Results

  1. Bravo Burri fort! Gjak Autokton!

  2. Goqkie Taf says:

    Albania tries to show power

  3. Albanians have descended from ancient Illyrians who were probably closely related to ancient Hellenes while the Slavs arrived in the 6th century in the Balkans.

  4. The Illyrians belong to a material culture called Halstat, which is different from Greek.Their arrival is estimated between 1300-1000BC when they reached the borders of the Greek world. Before that the people living in Illyricum were Vucedols.The ancient Greek authors give detailed information about the Illyrians. Skylax seems to deal with their tribes giving a possible ethnic characterization to them as "Illyrians". The Greek cities in Illyricum are characterized as "Hellenic" while the neighbouring Illyrian tribes are labeled "Illyrian". The reason why you can find Greek inscriptions in Illyria are because the presence of Greeks there. The places you find the inscriptions are in the previously Greek colonies. King Menounios, was the first king to print greek inscribed coines for the Greek cities of Illyria, for obvious reasons. All inscriptions in non Greek cities are late and have usually Latin text as well. The Greeks were litterate way before the appearance of Greek inscriptions in Illyria, so the delay does not signify a fast transmition of the alphabet as it was between the other Greeks. Epirus language is pretty clear Greek. The Greek cononists of Marseille could write in Greek, so why wouldn't the Illyrians if they were Greek. There are place names and some other words surviving which signify a language that does not belong in the same group of Greek. Note that translators were used between Greeks and Illyrians. The ancient Greek geographers set the Hellenic border at Orichos which means that over that city there's no continious Greek population.

  5. Sophie * says:

    Hello, Greetings from Greece. I clicked like on your video. It's a fascinating result and I'm excited and happy that we have a common heritage. How could you tell that all of your dislikes are from Greeks? Might there not be some angry Albanians or some other crazy people out there? Just a thought. We know all about Arvanites and their proud descendants in Greece run cultural groups. We have not edited our history. Also, if you insist on talking about Homer, maybe you'd like to learn something about him. Go here and enroll in this free and excellent online Harvard course.
    I understand that cultural identity is really personal and I'm not saying what you should be in the present, but what are you going to do if these dna testing companies don't update their results to give you an Albanian outcome? That's what you say you expect to happen. 200 years ago, nation states in the Balkans did not exist. Albania was founded in 1912 and Greece in 1821. Whereas Dna testing goes back thousands of years. In any case you are part of the autochthonous Balkan population. You should be proud.

  6. Dee Dee says:

    Does this mean Albanians are the true Ancient Greeks?

  7. so are we albanians!! cleaner blood in Europe because we are Illyrians, we are Teuta ??

  8. Dee Dee says:

    Do you have olive skin or do you look more white?

  9. shqiptar safi, 24 karat

  10. How do you trust a company and send them your DNA datas? Very interesting guys.

  11. So actually we are the real Helene, No Greek scores more than 30% Greek

  12. Nancy Reds says:

    I have tested several test and the most complete in ancestry is 24Genetics https://24genetics.it/ with more than 400 regions…hope it helps

  13. Leutri M AL banian = Lam/lamb , typical infiltrator crypto jews .

  14. One thing we all need to understand regardless religion its that Greeks, Kossovars, Albanians and Southern Italians we have the same DNA.That means we are the same people.Don't listen to different propagandas and nationalists, all the studies(University of Pavia) and others showed that the Ancient Greeks have the same DNA with modern Greeks at 98.8%, so through DNA all the propaganda is gone.if you have Greek DNA probably you are related with an ancient Greek tribe and that proves that you were there before the Serbs as well.The fact that the Greeks are friendly with the Serbs its because of religion but they are more mixed and they are Slavs.Your DNA proves that you are Pelasgians, or Aeolians or Ionians all of which are ancient Greek-Hellenic tribes.This is the Greek DNA there is no Albanian DNA since Albania is a new country .Albania is a nationality ,with language, customs and all the rest, but 1000 years ago there was no Albania so the inhabitants had some backround that comes from the past.The fact that we are found in different modern countries doesn;t change the fact that we Are all Greeks….Hellenes.If i am a Greek from Greece doesn't make me more Greek than a Greek-Italian of Palermo, or a Greek-Kossovar.No matter what i was thinking before that we were Cousins but DNA shows that we are brothers.So much love to my brothers

  15. Nice results very close to mine except the 4% Irish -Scottish

  16. LOL .. Albanians are more Greek then Greeks are… Albanians are real Greeks and Greeks are fake Greeks. haha

  17. Historian says:

    I suggest Albanians not to waste their money on these useless Autosomal tests, especially not MyHeritage, which is very misleading with "Greek". All these Autosomal DNA tests will tell you is that your overall DNA comes overwhelmingly from the Balkans/Southeastern Europe, or "Greek" in MyHeritage's case. Basically a confirmation of known ancestry. Instead, I suggest testing the Y-DNA (paternal line origin) through FamilyTreeDNA. Google search: Albanian Bloodlines Project

  18. Vincent says:

    Modern day Albanians are Hellenic Greeks and Modern day Greeks are mix Serbs Turks persians.

  19. osfp says:

    Si quhet kanga

  20. Musa I says:

    Nice! I can’t wait for my results. I too am Albanian from kosova. I have my haplogroup from FTDNA R1b-Z2103. I have not done any upgrades.

  21. Princess says:

    Nice Results :))

  22. Barnaby says:

    Leutrim Alb what are you Gedmatch Results? (Eurogenes K13)

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