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MyHeritage Boosts Central American and Native American DNA Results in Their Tests?

MyHeritage Boosts Central American and Native American DNA Results in Their Tests?

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  1. J L says:

    phenotypes can skip generations

  2. PoGirl says:

    Supposedly my father is part native American but I just got my results from My Heritage that show no native american, so no, I don't think they expand these results unless my dad was wrong as many are. I would love to get my mom to test as well and compare the two. Have you asked My Heritage that question about inheriting DNA? I wondered about that myself.

  3. Marci HF says:

    My parents are Mexican and I got 68.7% Central American, 8.4% Scandinavian, 8.1% Ashkenazi Jewish, 6.6% Iberian, 3.2% Nigeria (West Africa) and 1% Middle Eastern. My mom's side of the family is very European looking (pale skin, light colored eyes) and my dad's side is darker. Some of us siblings are light skinned and some are dark skinned. So who knows. I was expecting more Iberian dna and was surprised to see Scandinavian. I figured I would have Northern African blood but not West African blood. Although my mom's family is light skinned but have an "African nose". I was not expecting such a high Ashkenazi Jewish DNA. I am not disappointed in my results, I just find them very interesting. My son is 1/2 Mexican and he got: 21% North American (Native American), 38% Iberian (I only got 6.6%), 17% Italian/Greek, 5% East European, 10% Middle Eastern (I only got 1%), 6% Sephardic Jewish ( I got Ashkenazi Jewish), less than 2%s North African, Northeast Asian and Siberian.

  4. arizaliit says:

    23andme boosts jewish dna.

  5. veryserioz says:

    On MyHeritage Central America doesn't mean Native DNA exclusively. It actually means Mestizo DNA which is a combination of Native, European and African.

  6. I took ancestry DNA test, and was disappointed that I had such a low Native America amount, my great grandfather, was supposed to be half Native America, I called ancestry and talked to a man, that told me that I should have my children tested, but they might have more than me, I thought that was quite odd? I thought how can that be, since there father didn't have any Native America in him? Shouldn't my kids have less than me, or none? Cause it all got washed out? The man did tell me that they could possibly have more! So now I'm trying to get my son to take the test! I think I will try my hertiage too, to see if it will give me more Native America!! Lol

  7. MoFlo4Sho says:

    Hey, thanks for addressing my comment on your other video.
    You should do a 23andme test at some point, then you'll actually directly see and compare which portions of DNA, and what regions those portions are assigned to, you have next to a parent that has done it through 23andme. That'd help you a lot with knowing exactly what came from which parent. MyHeritage doesn't have that at the moment and I don't think Ancestry has it either. You might be able to do something similar if you reupload your MyHeritage data and also your parents' from MyHeritage or 23and me to GEDmatch to compare.

  8. Nick, It is Possible. You can have more of a certain ancestry than your parents. I have 47 Percent Iberian and My mom has 35 Percent! Also, Example My Mom's Showed Italian 4.6 Percent and Sardinian .3 percent in 23andme and Mine Gave Me Sardinian .4 percent and broadly Southern European 6.4 Percent! Now For Me, Every other Company Ancestry, My Heritage, Dnaland and others ALL Found My Italian Ancestry and I didn't have to test family. Now, 23andme was the only Dna testing company that my family and I tested phased they all received Italian and mine was the only one with out it! Also, unassigned Ancestry Only from 23andme.

  9. tizoc278 says:

    From what I've read you can have higher percentage and experience my mom has a lower native American from Mexico than me and brother

  10. tizoc278 says:

    You should do the ancestry dna test .

  11. P.s. sorry for the type Os. My typing board automatically changes words on it self by guessing and the last previous txt was to long to corrected. Hahaha.

  12. I could see both theories working, let me tell you why?. My heratige dna could be boosting because it uses different algorithms just like any other companies, and it is also an "Estimate". And your 2nd theory could also be a possibility because if your DNA comes from your parents, you don't physically choose what dna u want and which you dont? ( exept this new age designer babies garbage, which is a completely different topic) anyways, u don't choose your self you just inherite what u inherite. + if it comes from both parents, chances are that it could add up and have a slight increase in dna percentage. The beat way to find out is to take one of the root Dna testing companies, like AncesDna or 23andme Dna, because the raw data of those dna testing sites could be uploaded free to other different sites vs my heratige that could only go into less phew. P.s i did mine on Ancestry and uploaded them free to My heratige, Familytree dna, G.E.D match, D.N.Aland, wegene and gencove. And based on my results y would agree with your 1st theory. Hope that helps and sorry for the whole story long paragraph.

  13. No and Yes.

    No, you can not have a higher percentage than one parent if you are only getting that from a sole parent. You do have to allow for perhaps a small error of margin, +- and it depends on the percentages these tests are not perfect or an exact science.


    Parent 3% and child 6%, not really possible that 200% difference.

    Parent 40% and child 45%,that is still unlikely. That is 11.25% error of margin.

    Parent 95% and child 100%, that seems more possible at 5% error of margin.
    You can not inherit more than what actually exists.


    Yes you can have a higher percentage than a parent, if and only if you inherited something from both parents.

    Dad 5%, mom 3% and child 4%, yes possible to have more than mom.
    Regardless of breakdown from each:
    dad 1% & mom 3% or
    dad 3% & mom 1% or
    dad 2% & mom 2% or
    dad 4% & mom 0%.
    They all equal 4%.

    Another scenario, dad 5%, mom 3% and child 8%. Totally possible (not especially likely) but you can inherit the full amount from both parents, thus having a higher percentage than both parents.

    Note this is only possible because it comes as a combination of both parents.

    Hope this makes more sense and that I have not confused you more.

  14. The Central-American cluster on MH is half Iberian, half Native American! I'm Brazilian and on Familytree DNA it shows up 7% Native American, but on MH 14%. Check it out my video

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