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  1. So Which one is the Best ? Hard to decide which one ! I did use My Heritage kit !

  2. My Heritage is by far the worst and most inaccurate. It's the youngest and has the least amount of reference population. Why does the Iberian peninsula region cover almost ALL of Western Europe…It covers all of France, Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, part of North Africa, parts of West Germany and Southern England. Might as well call the Iberian region "Western Roman Empire"…. Get it together My Heritage.

  3. cchiker says:

    Do any of these DNA test results show ANY reference to your haplogroup? If so, go to Wikipedia, and search it out. Your haplogroup is the MOST RECENT DNA of your heritage line. Yours would be MT DNA(FEMALE SIDE). By following each previous DNA split backwards, you shall see your female lineage for eons past.

  4. I think MyHeritage results are inadequate. I think they just fill in whatever ethnicities to complete your chart to 100% because they don't have enough DNA samples. MyHeritage does have Italian and Iberian separate, so they just filled your chart up with more Ilberian DNA instead of Italian DNA. Like your video.

  5. Al F says:

    Yes. In my opinion all these test are reliable in their ways. Don’t freak out about the different percentage. Each test isn’t going to say the same percents because they used different data. And are different companies.they also group the ethnicities different from one another. One might say middle easter 2% but they might use group some south European with the Middle East. That why the other one that says 1% West Asia might be so low because they don’t group the south European with it.

  6. Star Gazer says:

    These results are all very similar and any so-called discrepancies between them actually make perfect sense to anyone who is fairly knowledgeable about migration patterns. Like for example, the fact that many Brits (especially the Welsh) and Irish have Iberian ancestry. If these companies were just randomly spewing out results you'd end up with very far-flung discrepancies like 20% Chinese on just one test, and then 15% Oceania on just another test, and so forth. Then one could argue that they aren't reliable, yet that clearly isn't what's happening. What all of these tests can agree on is that you are mostly of Northwestern European ancestry, which seems to be very consistent with what you know about your heritage. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Rob Reese says:

    Just white..Nothing mix,like a pure coffee or a pure milk

  8. Stgfre says:

    Genetic ancestry test are unreliable, and still in the early stages.

  9. This was helpful, thank you. I see it makes a difference, especially if one is mainly Scandinavian.

  10. I've recently gotten results from AncestryDNA, FTDNA and My Heritage. The disagreement between the results is pretty staggering and it's not a result of grouping. The tests are good for accounting for continent but everything gets murky after that. I've come to the opinion that this data should be taken with a huge grain of salt and maybe as entertainment only.

  11. I've done 23andMe and Ancestry. There were 2 main differences. 23andMe showed that I was .8% West African, which would prove that some of it was a match, so it wasn't 0%. But in my Ancestry test West African didn't even show, but one item that didn't show on 23andMe was that I tested 4% West Asian/Caucasus Region. Not sure what to think about these differences…

  12. How long did it take for u to receive your upload results from myheritage? I have been waiting a couple days and the site says 1-2days.

  13. Wow the specifics are off but the regional percentages are almost spot on

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