Home DNA AncestorMyHeritage DNA Data Breach Affects 92,000,000 People
MyHeritage DNA Data Breach Affects 92,000,000 People

MyHeritage DNA Data Breach Affects 92,000,000 People

Privacy dies when you voluntarily give an entity the ability to violate it: http://archive.is/cYKFx

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48 thoughts on “MyHeritage DNA Data Breach Affects 92,000,000 People

  1. Send in you're DNA and we will tie you in to a unsolved crime in 48 hours or less or you're money back!!! ?

  2. Vacerous says:

    Oh no, another website where people gave their sensitive information to a corporate entity was compromised in some way? Oh noooooooo. Those tin foil hat guys you see in old movies seem strangely prophetic now don't they? As far as Facebook goes, people should be required to take internet economics. Google is free because when you google something, they sell that little bit of info to a firm that brokers this to product makers, who then find your facebook, twitter, youtube, etc because every account is either the same corporate entity or required to be connected to said accounts. Google something a few times then start going to your facebook and pay attention to the banner ads, or any website that hosts 3rd party advertising which is everywhere.

  3. I just got the notification for this video, 4 days late.

  4. I'm with you on goddamn cellphones: I've got a refurbished LG (happens to be Android, though I can't fucking get apps to download on the cocksucker) Straight Talk phone that I typically keep the volume off on and don't answer shit. I keep paying for the goddamn thing primarily just to pay bills over the phone once a month.

  5. Styx is drinking diarrhea

  6. PikaboICU says:

    I saw this coming long ago.. I was given a "23 and Me" kit as a gift and it went straight to the bin!

  7. Henrik G says:

    Sweden has a blood (and thus gene) bank of everyone born in the country since 1970 anyway. And I don't think they sequence your entire DNA anyway. They sample a few genetic markers to determine "haplogroup", and that's it. I guess the state have my DNA anyway after a paternity test 16 years ago. 🙁

  8. I don't get why a "libertatian" consistently uses "private firm" like it's a four letter word.

  9. The only way to truly secure your DNA is to never leave home, live alone and never have guests over. Oh and don't use a trash pick up service, government or private.

  10. What do you think will happen if you're found to have the BRCA-1 or -2 gene, for example? Your insurance rates are going to go up, and not just yours. Your first-degree relatives will be tagged, too, on the assumption that they also have the gene(s). And who owns the DNA after it's sent to the lab? Do you own it, or does the lab at that point? When these types of services first were introduced, I told my friends NOT do it, until these questions were hashed out in court. Even at that point, I would be reticent. This data breach is a whole different can of worms. Once that djinni is released from the bottle, you can't stuff it back in again.

  11. In nz if you get arrested the cops will take a DNA sample. For any crime.

  12. John Hall says:

    In totally unrelated news, a new Dark Web Kidney Match Home Address Database opened up today.

  13. Zarion 11 says:

    Insurance companies will be interested in your DNA.
    I'm surprised that isn't already happening.

  14. There are NSA types in government who think they should have everyone's DNA on file along with everyone's fingerprints and retinal scans. That being done the next step is to get everyone microchipped, then they'd really be in business.

  15. Karen M says:

    What if another eugenicist madman comes along. Anyone with a DNA already done in a target population will be the first to go.

  16. Tom S says:

    Yep.. and now these morons are letting their phones map their faces. Soooooo stupid. These kids today will regret the shit out of what they were conned into doing. They will be on wires.

  17. Maybe the ppl that hacked it were looking for lizzy “pocahontas” warrens dna ancestry.
    Oh wait, shes too chicken shit to do a dna test. Lol

  18. Results are garbage …Not valid science ….plus they have been embarrassed like with the 3 triplets that were told they all had different genes ….BTW .they dont measure RNA..and only tag random DNA chains …..so they are morons .

  19. Paul Hawk says:

    Wouldnt give my DNA to somebody,and wouldnt buy one of those house monitoring devices that turn on my lights and TV for me..and i turn off location services on all my devices till i need them…..there just there so everybody and anybody….can track your every move…..

  20. But how else would I know that I'm 7% African, Styx? I'm a victim, now. Opression Olympics, here I come.

  21. Facebook poaches information from a gullible public

  22. Pedophiles buy data from Facebook and other Crony Capitalist, deep state information capture firms

  23. Does this mean that the stolen dna could be used to frame these people for crimes

  24. I'm never gonna give up my DNA, as a recreational and professional sport rapist, it would be a detriment to my career and hobby. No thank ya.

  25. I can understand if you're an orphan, but if you know your parents and grandparents etc.. a couple generations back, sequentially that's all you really need. With broken/single families, less people know their past, so I guess that's a factor, too.

  26. hacking these dna sites is another one of those coincidences that aren`t coincidences at all.

  27. Ningen says:

    I could create viruses right now, that target people's genetics.

  28. I always use my real name,Rusty Shackleford. I live at 123 Gofuckyourself Drive. I can be reached during business hours at 867-5309

  29. You are seriously paranoid. What do you think anyone is going to do with your DNA analysis? Nothing. The only person who finds it valuable is you for personal reasons.

    DNA is far more accurate than those old lineage traces where you pay some guy to make up that you're related to royalty or famous people.

  30. Joe Shmoe says:

    Too late. They already have your blood from lab tests.

  31. X YZ says:

    Styx, afaik, anyone arrested in the UK in the past ten years or so was forced to give their dna via a mouth swab. So, for those people, the gov already has their dna. And we all know the government sells it on, or suffer damage breaches.

    DNA tests offer a lot more than just "where did my ancestors come from". They can identify risk factors for rare diseases. If you're stuck with severe, worsening disease and no diagnosis in sight, a dna test can help narrow down which conditions it might be.

  32. "Data breach" sure… more like the Government leaned on them.

  33. Now you need a cell phone because it is almost impossible to find a pay phone when you need one.

  34. Seldona says:

    Ads? What about insurance?

    "Sorry, we've looked at your profile. You'll have to go."

  35. Does this mean Magic Johnsonis not Sweedish!

  36. Imagine that styxs considered slightly odd or mostly sane

  37. Nastia says:

    You're never getting my internal organs!

  38. Hi Styx….THERESA MAY WAS DNA TESTED and found to be 100% P.C. ZOMBIE…….FREE TOMMY ROBINSON……

  39. MW McCann says:

    Or they could engineer diseases and sell the cures.

  40. Ruger Die says:

    ? Die… No joke. Snake…?!

  41. Val Kyrie says:

    Yay! You used the word "luddite".

  42. Yeah it’s a bit ridiculous I already know my general ancestry and that’s good enough for me. Good video Styx!

  43. +Sysxx666 – Your message is too late to warn people not to enjoy DNA ancestry revelation.  The Gov't already have us counted since birth, since applying for our very first personal/data Social Security Number, when we apply to travel abroad we obtain Passports/Visas, when we buy our homes and file annual taxes, police record and Hospital & Doctor use our blood analysis for medical purposes and that's recorded, but don't forget we're counted in the US Census as well …. therefore its useless to believe we're living in the USA anonymously without anyone or any agency that holds a database without their knowing anything about each one of us.  Have you forgotten Database breaches by hackers can happen within our own Gov't system and may have already happened??? People can and will enjoy DNA ancestry reveals despite your cry for them to stop…. get a grip already…..

  44. Lor Miller says:

    hospitals have all your medical and related data. Pretty hard avoiding not exposing yourself now days especially if you hold a job.

  45. 01Varda says:

    They'll have all our DNA soon, considering the global elites are creating more nd more totalitarian laws to arrest us. Have you seen the EU article 13 this coming into effect this month Styx ? Memes are the new crime.

  46. How the hell did I miss this video??Ugh,this bell better work.

  47. Denmark (before WWII) had a healthcare system ahead of its time, holding a lot of people's information. It was a bit like their version of the NHS. When the Nazis went into Denmark, they went straight for the data and listed every Jewish person on it. Imagine a data breach (or even an invasion) causing DNA (or health traits) information like that to get into the wrong hands.

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