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  1. Hello Jessika! Not sure if our remember me but I commented on your video and you commented on my video about my predictions. Well my results came in about a month ago. Since then I have been matched up with a bunch of people of course since that was the whole point and in the meantime a couple of folks reached out to me because we shared dna and they were both adopted and could I help them find their families. Well my tree is pretty big so I was able to link them up with the common ancestor and they both were able to find their families. One lady, her parents had passed but she was able to contact her siblings. The other lady met her dad last week and she sent me her video of the meeting and it was so touching.And so I thought about you. If you would like to see if we share dna please contact me via email. My email (and perhaps it's stupid for me to blast it out but if it helps you, screw it) is christianarroyo420@gmail.com . Send me your user name on ancestry and I will see if we match and if we do I will try to help you. I hope you are well because I love your energy and spirit. And I wish you a very Happy Easter!!!

  2. I'm most proud of native American African Spain England Etc….no favorite but I so wish interested in native American do to there spirit lives on

  3. North African is not black

  4. Wil liam says:

    Maybe of the 19% of African Continent is mostly comprised of "North Africa" (Arab) & not mostly "Sub-saharan" (black)? Hard to see Sub-saharan (maybe a tiny bit). Yet… do see a resemblance of "North African" (Arab)

  5. I absolutely LOVE your video!!!! I watched it  a few months ago and forgot to comment, so thank you for putting it up because you are one of the fellow Boricuas who inspired me to do mine. I took my test a few weeks ago and am waiting on the results and I aso put a video up last week about my experience. Check it out and let me known what you think. Un abrazo Bella!

  6. They only use certain points on my Heritage because their database is much less than of ancestry. The whole DNA ancestry thing is still very new and the majority of the people they have data from are subscribers and not native people that actually live in for centuries in certain areas outside of Europe and the usa.
    It's a good tool to find family, but still too new for an exact ethnic break down.
    Mine showed Chinese and Japanese…I'm korean. There is no korea on the my Heritage testing areas. It also showed Nigerian. Ancestry said 0% Nigerian. The only thing they agreed on is that I have roots from practically every continent. I'm a Heinz 57, but I already knew that. ?

  7. Totally forgot to comment the other day when I watched this. I would love to do this! I can't even imagine what I am actually made of. My dad was from Mexico and my mom was born in Argentina but her parents where from the Ukraine. Yikes!

  8. John NY says:

    Regarding the change in estimates, I know very little about genetics, but I would be shocked if the estimates didn't change. It is an evolving technology and as more individuals from various parts of the world are added to their databases, I would expect the the estimates to continue to change with that expanding pool of data samples.

  9. John NY says:

    "I am most proud of my African background…I don't know why that is." Perhaps you feel more connected with people of that heritage is what I am thinking. I have an African American friend whose wife is of Puerto Rican descent. You remind me of her in that way, because she seems to share your affinity for that heritage as well. I am white, but was not offended by your comments because you didn't disparage the other heritage. I have seen many DNA videos and I have read many racist comments against people of European descent. That is when I get offended.

  10. Wow, this was so cool.  Thanks for sharing with us.  My hubby is still looking for his missing family tree info.  He get's emails all the time that bring him no closer to the info he so desperately wants to find on his great great grandfather and how he came from Ireland to Ohio as a teenager.  I like what others have said about you are who you are now.  I know the past led us to be the people we've become and how important the past can be.  But it's true that the amazing and wonderful lady you are today has more to do with the way you were raised by your adorable Mother and the decisions you've made along the way.  Love ya!  TTYL, my friend. ~~~~ Tina

  11. Jessika, this is all fascinating! I wonder if the differences between the two comparisons has to do with how many responses, or how many people, or how much DNA they have in their system. Or maybe the data gets better and better with time. I wonder if the new profile you got has someone at the company that can discuss its results with you. Either way girl, you are a walking Melting pot of greatness!

  12. I would highly suggest if you are going to do myheritagedna to do the spit test rather than the transfer. the transfer of raw DNA is ok when using familytreedna, DNA.land and wegene. I would highly suggest doing a 23andme DNA test as well because they do DNA matches and have a 2 million people database

  13. I was born in East Africa Kenya Nairobi

  14. never apologize for who you are!?

  15. JayKB says:

    This makes me wonder even more about the accuracy of DNA testing… Family trees are much more dependable! Isn't it interesting how we out something out into the ether and the Universe answers… Just set a goal, send it out there, then be prepared to DUCK!! At least I've found that us how life treats me. But be careful! I was so tired if juggling to keep three pet shops running… thought how I really wanted out of. BAM! Divorce court was staring me flat in the face before I knew it!?. I think DNA results are still not that reliable, personally. smiles. Now go and find 3 things to do before you go to bed tonight. Smiles?

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